About Us

At BBQ Boss, we know that you have a passion for meat. Every region has something unique to offer to the world of barbecue, and that knowledge is something that we want to bring to your home.

When you’re grilling outside, entertaining friends, or celebrating the holidays together, nothing is better than having fresh barbecue on a plate.

You’ll find something sweet and slightly spicy when you visit southern Texas. Memphis-style barbecue adds more sweetness without being overwhelming. If you ever visit the Carolinas, then the tangy approach that they offer is an entirely different experience to enjoy.

There’s only one rule to follow when using your grill: follow your passion.

We’ll Help You to Design the Best Backyard Setup

Our team works hard to find the best barbecue ideas so that you can become the neighborhood grill master. Knowing what grills, smokers, and accessories work best on your property can be a challenge when you read through the manufacturer’s descriptions of their equipment.

Their approach is to sell a product. We desire to help you understand the specific features and benefits of each item so that you can make an informed decision about your backyard grilling needs.

The goal is to find that perfect grill that can last for the next 15-20 years so that you can enjoy beautiful sunsets from your backyard whenever you want. Our knowledge and experience in this industry allow us to find the high-quality brands you deserve. We test, compare, and review different makes and models to see if they stand up to the promises offered.

Then we let you decide on the grill that works best to meet your needs. You might not find something either – and that’s okay.

Barbecue is a personal experience. If you’re not having fun with it, then the equipment becomes an expensive paperweight for your patio, porch, or deck. We want to help you enjoy the aroma of smoke, the tang of charcoal, or the sizzle of a steak on your propane grill.

That’s a recipe that leads to great times with your family and friends.

The Best Equipment Reviews and Comparisons

We know that a customer review can be valuable to you when trying to choose the best grill for your home.

There’s always an inkling of doubt that sits at the back of your mind. Our goal is to remove that uncertainty so that you can find the best barbecues and accessories at a price you’ll love.

Get to Know the BBQ Boss Team

We’ve got over four decades of combined experience with the barbecue industry ready to serve you today. We have folks who have spent a lifetime behind the grill, experimenting with new recipes for burgers, chicken, and more.

We have people who understand the mechanics of putting a grill together or taking it apart.

Then there are the folks who create unique recipes at home, bring their ideas to the office, and we all celebrate with ribs, pork loin, or grilled vegetables with herb butter depending on their mood for the day.

The bottom line is this: we love barbecue. Our goal is to help you continue the journey that enables you to find your passion for this art.

Barbecue does more than create a meal. It binds us together in the confines of friendship and love.

Welcome to the family.