The 9 Best CR2032 Battery Choices for 2022

Many of today’s portable devices use a CR2032 battery to obtain the power they need. Even if you’ve never changed out these coin-shaped batteries in the past, there is an excellent chance that you have multiple devices that require this size.

Several benefits become available when you compare the CR2032 battery with the standard alkaline-based products in the marketplace. You can achieve higher voltages by stacking these cells into tubes, making it one of the most versatile options that are on the market today.

Although the construction of CR2032 batteries is inexpensive and small, stacking is not typically performed anymore. Most of the products with this design are non-rechargeable and used as the primary battery in electronic equipment.

With several different brands and manufacturers creating this option, finding the best CR2032 battery to meet your needs can sometimes be challenging. We’ve carefully chosen the best products in this category, compared their features, and noted individual advantages and disadvantages for you to consider.

Best CR2032 Battery Reviews

CR2032 batteries are remarkably affordable. Most brands offer them at a price that averages around $1 per item. That means you’ll find most of them get packaged into sets of 2, 6, or 10 batteries.

1. Duracell CR2032 Battery

Duracell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries. Although it is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, it was once a small business operating as the P.R. Mallory Company in the 1920s.

The term “Duracell” became a brand in the 1960s when the company combined the words “durable cell” into a company name. These batteries continued to bear the Mallory branding until 1980.

These batteries come with Duracell’s Duralock Power Reserve™. You’ll know when each one was made because the expiration date is on the front of the package. You can use them anywhere, in any device, that calls for the use of a CR2032 battery.

Duracell also makes a standard 2032 battery without the Duralock Power Reserve, so you’ll need to take care when purchasing from this brand. The regular CR2032 is also compliant as DL2032 batteries.


  • The batteries come with a corrosion-resistant triple-layer casing that prevents leaking and rust.
  • You can use these CR2032 in a variety of weather conditions, including when you’re out in the rain.
  • These batteries can serve as a replacement for DL2032 options without sacrificing performance.
  • The packaging separates the cells effectively so that you can have the maximum lifespan with this product.


  • There can be some confusion on the packaging of the batteries. Look for the expiration date on the front of the container so that you know you’re purchasing the correct item.
  • The price of these batteries is about 50% more than what you’ll pay with other brands.
  • It can be challenging at times to get individual cells out of their packaging without adversely impacting the future performance of the unit.

2. Panasonic CR2032 Battery

The Matsushita family founded the company responsible for Panasonic products in 1918. It was initially a producer of lightbulb sockets, but the organization has grown to become a global brand that produces a variety of electronic devices.

Star 4.9

Reviews: 4,966

Price: $7.49

Panasonic began producing batteries for the global marketplace in the 1920s. Now the organization is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CR2032s. The first button-type products started to appear in the 1970s.

These batteries provide such a stable power output that they’re used as a backup power resource for processors and motherboards. If you have a device that provides data storage and needs a CR2032 battery, then this choice is one to consider.

You’ll receive a 225 mAh capacity with each unit, and the manufacturer offers a ten-year shelf life with the design.


  • Panasonic prints a production date on each pack of CR2032 batteries in addition to the expiration date. That means you have more information about the manufacturing process.
  • The manufacturing facilities that produce new cells for this brand have over 80 years of experience in this industry.
  • You receive a high specific energy rate and excellent mechanical stability with this brand.


  • The batteries can burn out promptly when using them in high-power situations or with prolonged use.
  • When the battery gets charged too quickly at the manufacturing facility, then the dimensions swell and can be a little off when you go to use the product.

3. AmazonBasics CR2032 Battery

Amazon launched its in-house brand in 2009 as a way to sell generic, low-cost versions of a variety of electronic accessories. The CR2032 batteries don’t get the expensive packaging or advertising that you’ll see from other manufacturers, which means the cost of the product can be much lower.

Star 4.9

Reviews: 61,805

Price: $5.49

You can purchase batteries from this brand in packages of two, four, six, or ten units. The packaging is straightforward, with each item in a self-contained blister. There are cutting lines available on the cardboard to indicate where you can safely use scissors.

That means the packaging isn’t as user-friendly as it is with some other options. Amazon creates a 225 mAh capacity battery that’s suitable for medical devices with their manufacturing, while the battery dimensions are slightly smaller to create more compatibility with toys.


  • This battery is one of the few options that’s rated as a suitable replacement for ECR2032 batteries.
  • It comes with a leak-free guarantee that includes an eight-year shelf-life rating.
  • Each item comes engraved with the battery model and branding to ensure there is no confusion regarding its critical information.


  • The batteries have a 0.8-inch diameter and a 0.1-inch thickness, which is different enough for some devices to prevent the unit from working.
  • The per-battery price is significantly higher than the value brands that produce similar units.

4. Sony CR2032 Battery

Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of CR2032 batteries in the world today. Their reputation for producing high-quality products with excellent energy densities always makes this brand a top consideration when you need power for your devices.

Star 4.9

Reviews: 7,391

Price: $8.50

The company began producing items in 1946 after the completion of World War II as the Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation. It only had about $1,500 available to it in its first days, but its first product was a hit. Sony launched a branch in the United States in 1960 before reaching the rest of the world by the 1980s.

Sony started its battery business in 1975. This company was the first one to commercialize lithium-ion technologies in 1991.

These batteries have a slightly lower capacity than some others at 220 mAh, but this design doesn’t impact the overall output you receive.


  • These batteries have the lowest risk of leakage out of the current brands that produce CR2032 cells as of 2020.
  • The shelf life of at least ten years makes it an excellent addition for emergency storage if you keep them in their packaging.
  • Sony stamps a “Use By” date on each battery so that you know when the original manufacturing took place.
  • It is possible to get up to five years of use with this product, depending on the item that requires power.
  • The price of the batteries can be as low as $0.40 per item, making it a highly competitive option considering the output potential.


  • There is no predictability of the “Use By” date since it is stamped on the battery. New products could be 3-5 years old when making the purchase.
  • The performance of the cells can be somewhat unpredictable after they’ve been sitting in storage for 24-36 months.

5. BrighTown CR2032 Battery

BrighTown might be more famous for producing LED light strings, but their experience in that industry has also led to the creation of a unique battery.

Star 4.7

Reviews: 5,081

Price: $6.99

LED lights require a capacity of 190 mAh only. If you use regular CR2032s for your lighting needs, then the batteries will burn out quickly. This brand focuses on making lower mAh products that give you better results.

If you’re tired of having LED lighting that fades too quickly because of an inferior battery, then this option is the perfect choice to consider. It will hold its power for up to eight years when not in use. When you use them consistently on a daily basis, you’ll receive about two weeks of performance under normal operating conditions.


  • The high-capacity performance is perfect for any lighting needs that require a CR2032 battery.
  • You can use these batteries in a wide variety of LED lighting products, ranging from home-based items to blinking taillights for your bicycle.
  • The cells are suitable for use in other applications if the product allows for 190 mAh or lower capacity with the power unit.
  • The price on these batteries is exceptional, even if they are intended for specific uses.


  • These batteries are application-specific for LED lights. You cannot use them for any electronics that require a specific current rate.
  • All-day use of the battery can cause a significant deterioration of its lifespan. It works better when used intermittently.
  • If you place them into a device not intended for this design, then the batteries could damage the item.

6. Energizer CR2032 Battery

Energizer markets itself as the battery that keeps “going and going and going.” Most people are familiar with this brand because of the pink rabbit that gets frequently used in the company’s advertising efforts.

The Eveready Battery Company changed the name of its alkaline power cell to Energizer in 1980. It has now grown into a diverse company that sells everything from sunblock to razors. Famous brands like Hawaiian Tropic and Banana Boat all fall under the umbrella of this battery manufacturer.

The Energizer CR2032 battery provides consistent performance in a variety of devices. It provides a maximum capacity of 240 mAh, giving you an extended lifespan compared to some of the other brands.

It comes with a size that works with most 2032-compatible devices, including toys that require battery stacking with this option. You can expect to get closer to the 24-month usage window with this option, while the shelf life of up to eight years lets you stock up on this essential product.


  • These batteries are suitable for use in a wide range of devices, including healthcare equipment and automotive needs.
  • The 230 mAh capacity is an appropriate mid-range option that works well in most situations, and this benefit gets printed on the individual blisters.
  • It comes in packaging that is easy to access so that you don’t need to worry about ruining the battery when trying to access it.
  • The manufacturer promises a 5-year no-leak guarantee with the product.
  • You receive multiple compatibility options with this battery.


  • The efficiency rate of these batteries can drop significantly when they get exposed to extreme temperatures.
  • It offers a design that has a high discharge rate, so the shelf life of this option is between 3-5 years.

7. CELEWELL CR2032 Battery

CELEWELL produces CR2032 batteries in the Hunan Province of China. The company began selling its products through online platforms in 2015 around the world.

Star 4.8


Price: $6.97

These batteries come with a nickel-plated engraved shell, which meets the current ISO9001 safety standards. Unlike the steel containers that are sometimes used, nickel provides a lower risk of leaking while producing low-tendency discharges during use.

The battery comes with a 20-millimeter diameter and a height of 3.2 mm, helping it to have a high level of compatibility. You can use these units in digital scales, dog collars, and keyless entry systems.


  • You receive a reliable performance with consistent electricity flows in all devices.
  • These batteries can perform under extreme temperature conditions as needed. The recommended range from the manufacturer is -22°F to 140°F.
  • Minimal compatibility issues exist with the size, shape, and voltage of this battery.
  • It’s a suitable replacement for SB-T15, L14, 5004LC, and DL 2032 batteries.
  • The reliability of this battery makes it well-suited for medical devices, such as glucose or heart rate monitors.


  • Energizer packages the batteries securely, which can lead to some difficulties in accessing the product when needed.
  • Using constant power from these batteries can result in a shorter lifespan.

8. LiCB CR2032 Battery

LiCb is an acronym that stands for the Lichengbei Battery Technology Company. It has its global headquarters in Guangzhou City, and the organization has been producing batteries since 2016. Unlike some of the other brands that create CR2032 cells, there aren’t any other items that are part of its manufacturing cycle.

Star 4.9

Reviews: 75,546

Price: $5.99

LiCB specializes in manufacturing high-quality batteries at affordable prices.

Although this brand is one of the newest providers of CR2032 batteries in today’s marketplace, the quality of each product is unquestionable. Each unit comes with a 240 mAh capacity so that you can maximize your use of different devices. The voltage remains stable during use, and there are no compatibility issues to note when using this option.

The one explicit issue that does come into play with this brand’s batteries is the shelf life of the product. The manufacturer only rates them above 90% capacity for up to three years. That means you’ll want to use these batteries right away upon purchase to maximize the power output you receive.



  • The price of these batteries is competitive with every other brand on the market today.
  • You can purchase these items in bulk so that you always have some extras around for the little things that happen in life.
  • The voltage output with the LiCB CR2032 batteries is as described by the manufacturer.
  • You can use these batteries as a replacement for several different types of lithium coin batteries.


  • The low shelf life of the batteries makes them ill-suited for long-term storage in an emergency supply box.
  • These batteries drain about 60% faster than the ones produced by other leading manufacturers in this space.
  • With only four years of manufacturing experience as of 2020, the long-term quality of this companies batteries is still questionable.

9. AmVolt CR2032 Battery

AmVolt is one of those brands that’s a bit of a mystery. When you search the history of the company, Google tells you that it’s a registered trademark for an organization that’s gone out of business.

Star 4.9

Reviews: 1,877

Price: $4.99

Since you can still find plenty of AmVolt batteries available for sale, the real comparison to look at is how this budget brand performs against products from Energizer or Duracell.

What you’ll discover is that there is an almost immediate reduction in the available amps that the battery produces when compared to other name brands. It provides more of a curve than a direct drop like the other brands, so the power is closer to a slow fade than immediate termination.

This CR2032 battery option provides 220 mAh of power to your portable devices. You can receive packs with as many as 15 batteries at a price that’s up to 50% less than what the competition offers.


  • It is a lightweight and affordable option that gives you a bulk supply of batteries for emergency issues that may arise.
  • The manufacturing process of the cells creates a robust and reliable source of power.
  • There are virtually no compatibility issues with this battery.
  • These batteries can last as long as name-brand varieties when used for ultra-low power applications.


  • The lower level of capacity creates a reduction in running time for most devices.
  • Batteries that are close to the recommended lifespan for use or shelf life can sometimes leak.

Knowing how to use the best CR2032 battery for your device will help you to maximize its lifespan. These frequently asked questions can help to point you toward the correct product to choose with you need a coin lithium battery.

FAQs About the Best CR2032 Batteries

This comparison guide of the Weber grills from the Q series includes several comparisons and additional information to consider.

Each subheading is clearly indicated to direct you to the content needed.

Please feel free to read this guide of the Q1000 vs. Q1200, Q2000 vs. Q2200, and Q1200 vs. Q2200 in its entirety by bookmarking it for when you have the time for a complete review.

Note: If you suspect that someone swallowed a CR2032 battery, then have their doctor call (202) 625-3333 immediately.

What Is a CR2032 Battery?

The CR2032 battery coin is the most common size used in a variety of portable devices. You can find this size in watches, key fobs, and fitness appliances. It features a low self-discharge rate, which means you can achieve a shelf life of up to 10 years with some brands.

This battery provides a high voltage rate of 3V, giving you plenty of power in an ultra-compact design. It is one of the highest-rated and safest-performing options that’s available today.

Are All CR2032 Batteries the Same?

All CR2032 batteries share some characteristics with one another. They are coin-shaped (sometimes referred to as a “button” battery), with a diameter of 20 millimeters, and a height of 3.2 mm – although some physical differences can be found in different brands. All manufacturers use manganese dioxide lithium for the product’s chemistry.

Button batteries like these receive their name because of their dimensions. If you need a CR2025 battery, then you would purchase a product that has a 20 mm diameter and 2.5 mm height.

The CR2032 battery also comes with a voltage of 3V, with open-circuit voltages of 3.6V. There can be some variations by brand because of differences in the manufacturing process of the battery. This difference can result in some capacity variations.

How Do CR2032 Batteries Work?

The lithium side oxidizes as the manganese dioxide starts deducing, causing electricity to flow through the device. Most brands do not produce a rechargeable version of this size.

Most CR2032 batteries use stainless steel for the case because it does an excellent job of preventing electrolyte leakage. These workhorses do well in ultra-low power subsystems, especially when an alternative power supply is available for use.

How Long Does a CR2032 Battery Last?

The typical CR2032 battery can last between 12-24 months in most portable devices. Each cell is a little different, even within the same brand, so an exact outcome isn’t predictable.

Most CR2032 batteries can last for 8-10 years before being used while maintaining 90% of their base power.

Almost all CR2032 batteries have either an expiration or production date printed on their packaging. Some get engraved on the casing of the item. A few manufacturers have taken to writing both of these dates for consumers to consider.

Some batteries use a manufacturing code instead of an actual date to indicate when it was created, or the unit should expire. The first letter represents the country of origin, while the second shows the month the battery was produced, and the third indicates the year.

If you receive a battery with a code that starts ORN, then you know it was made in the United States in January 2014. That means it may have an expiration date between 2019-2024, depending on the specifications offered by the manufacturer.

How the battery gets used will also impact its lifespan. If the CR2032 battery must provide 3.0 mA consistently, then its maximum time of use will only be 17% of its published rating. If a circuit can’t function below 2V, then it will add even more drain to the usable capacity.

What Is the Difference Between a CR2032 vs. a 2032 Battery?

The CR designation for the CR2032 battery indicates that it uses a lithium manganese dioxide reaction. You can find other 2032 cell chemistries available on the market that use different processes to supply power.

  1. A BR designation indicates that the battery uses lithium and carbon monofluoride.
  2. ML batteries use the same lithium manganese dioxide structure, but it flips their placement so that the lithium compound is on the negative electrode.
  3. A VL battery uses lithium-ion chemistry to provide energy.
  4. LIR batteries have a higher voltage with rechargeable chemistry. These 2032 batteries are usually found powering memory backups, electronic watches, and vehicular security systems.

All 2032 batteries have a diameter of 20 mm and a height of 3.2 mm. Although some equipment may have a specific preference for CR designation batteries, most of them are interchangeable.

What Is the Best CR2032 Battery for Your Needs?

One of the best ways to check if your batteries are authentic is to see if a foil backing is present on your package. Your CR2032s should also ship inside of individual blisters. If you encounter either issue with your purchase, then you should return the ordered product.

Today’s CR2032 batteries provide a powerful punch that gives our portable devices the energy they need. It is an affordable and convenient way to manage a busy lifestyle, keep track of your health, and much more. Each brand has specific pros and cons to consider with this coin-shaped battery, so consider each carefully before deciding on a practical solution you can use at home.

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