When Is the Best Time to Buy a Grill?

Have you decided that it is time to add a new grill to your backyard, porch, or balcony? It might be tempting to run out to buy your favorite option right away, but it might be better to wait a little bit to get a better deal.

The peak demand for grills is typically between the months of May to September. If you wait to buy your new model outside of that time, you can normally find a decent sale that knocks a fair percentage off the MSRP.

If you want a brand-new grill, March is the best time to buy because that’s when the latest models reach the marketplace. You’ll pay full price for them, but you also get access to the latest features and options, so it feels like a reasonable trade.

Other times of the year when big sales occur include Black Friday, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and other holiday shopping events.

Most Retailers Start Cutting Prices in July

When July comes along on the calendar, most retailers recognize that the people who want a new grill have likely purchased them already. If they have inventory left at the store that needs to move, you’ll start seeing some discounts appear.

The early discounts tend to be around 5% to 10% off the grill’s price. That’s not much if you’re buying an entry-level charcoal grill, but you could save $170 or more on a top-of-the-line product. This pricing effort is often enough to get people who were on the fence to buy their grill so that they can have a few evenings outside with it before the season is over.

As you get into September, the discounts start getting steeper. You can often find some models on sale for 25% or more. You won’t always see that kind of discount on pellet grills or the designs for the latest year, but it is a great way to pay less on a previous model.

The best discounts tend to appear around Christmas as retailers look to shed inventory and prepare for the next year. If you can be patient, buying the previous year’s model while new in the box can often provide considerable savings.

All you need to do is manage your fear of missing out.

National Holidays Provide Steep Savings

In the United States, the Memorial Day sales for grills rival the discounts found on Black Friday. You’ll see the best prices at home and garden retailers, some websites, and even direct from the manufacturer.

The only other time when you’ll see some discounts on the latest models in the American market is during the Fourth of July holiday.

It’s not unusual for grill manufacturers and retailers to keep the price point the same for a new grill, but add other products to the purchase to make it a more attractive deal. You might get extra cooking utensils, spare grates, a thermometer, or Bluetooth® accessories included. If you want the latest model, this time will get you everything you need for your outdoor grilling adventures.

The final summer holiday that delivers savings opportunities is Labor Day. It’s considered the unofficial start of the fall season, which means people start packing up their equipment for storage. You might get a couple of times out there during a beautiful day, but you’ll also want to think about where to protect your investment for the coming year.

You Can Save Big by Shopping the Floor Models

Stores often place their floor models on sale at the end of the season. Although this practice is becoming less frequent since stores assemble numerous grills for display during the year, you can still find a few scratch-and-dent discounts out there.

If you decide to purchase a refurbished grill or one that was a floor model, you’ll want to make sure that it comes with the proper warranty. These protections aren’t always kept in place when pursuing this kind of discount.

Most retailers only provide one or two floor models, so you might need to speak with a manager to ensure they know you’re interested in taking that grill off their hands.

When shopping online, these discounts aren’t as easy to find. You can save a little money by looking for returns, but that means you might need to repair the grill before getting to use it. You’ll want to balance the cost of restoring the product with the potential savings you get with the discount.

Retailer Events Can Provide Some Savings

In recent years, Amazon has created a summer shopping experience that they call Prime Day. Other retailers have jumped on board to create their own opportunities to lure customers to their stores and websites for this event.

When shopping a retailer event for a great deal, you’ll want to compare multiple websites to see who is offering the best deal.

Don’t forget to add the shipping costs to the transaction to ensure you compare the total price and not just the MSRP.

How to Save Money When Buying a Grill

If you want a new grill, but a used one will do, the best time to go looking is the last week of the month. This sales option is available throughout the year.

Most renters have their leases expire at the end of the month. It might not be possible for them to move their grill, so they’re looking to sell it rather than give it away. That’s a great opportunity to find what you want at a possibly steep discount.

When purchasing a second-hand grill, it’s important to look at its condition before agreeing to buy it. If someone won’t let you take a peek or only sends pictures, treat that interaction as a red flag and move on.

You can also purchase grills direct from the manufacturer at a discount when they receive returns that they don’t want to process.

What Is the Bottom Line When Shopping for a Great Deal?

Grills have a season, just like most other products. Even if you live somewhere that doesn’t require you to put the grill into storage, most people tend to use this cooking resource during the summer months. Once fall and winter arrive, it gets put into storage.

When you want to have the best deal possible for your grill, the goal should be to shop when other people don’t want this product. By eliminating scarcity from the equation, you can find numerous makes and models available without the same competition levels going after the same thing.

There isn’t one specific time when getting a grill at a great price is guaranteed. If you watch for sales, look for floor models, or shop the options from the previous year, you’ll find that it is possible to pay less for what you want at some point.

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