Broil King Baron 440 vs. Weber Genesis II E-330

The Broil King Baron 440 features over 640 square inches of total cooking space. This design includes a porcelain-coated warming rack, reversible cast iron grilling grids with a reversible function, and the trademarked stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system. It comes with four of the proprietary Dual Tube burners and drop-down shelves constructed of stainless steel.

The Weber Genesis E-330 comes in four unique colors to give your backyard, patio, or porch some extra flair. It features the iGrill 3 app-connected thermometer that allows you to monitor food from the start of your grilling activities, providing a notification to your mobile device to let you know when your food is ready. You’ll find porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates, stainless steel side tables, and a side-mounted gas tank make it easy to grill.

When comparing the Broil King Baron 440 vs. the Weber Genesis E-330, several points of differentiation appear. It all starts with the price: the Baron 440 retails the NG model for $649, while the MSRP of the Genesis E-330 is $899.

Grilling Experience: Baron 440 vs. Weber Genesis II E-330

The Broil King Baron 440 provides the main burner output of 40,000 BTU. This design gives you access to a primary cooking space of 444 square inches. You’ll also have access to a side burner that works well with standard pots and pans from the kitchen with a 10,000 BTU output. It is a combination that works with the porcelain steel construction and aluminum end caps to create a consistent grilling experience.

The Weber Genesis E-330 provides you three stainless steel burners that provide a primary output of 39,000 BTU. A fourth burner is considered a “sear station,” and it gives you 9,000 BTU.

This grill also offers a side burner with an output of 12,000 BTU. You’ll receive 507 inches of primary grilling space with this model on a total cooking area of 637 square inches.

If you have a small space, then the Baron 440 provides an advantage. The grill is surprisingly compact, making it easy to store in almost any living situation. You can even fold the end table down if needed. It stands at 45.5 inches in height, but it weighs over 150 pounds. That means you have a sturdy grill to use.

The open cart design of the Genesis II E-330 makes it easier to move around when needed. You’ll receive six tool hooks on the side of the grill that helps to limit your mess. It takes up a little more space and stands a little taller than its Broil King competitor, but the design also gives you a robust experience that can handle almost any situation.

Best Features of the Baron 440 vs. Genesis II E-330

Heat distribution is the primary feature found on both the Broil King Baron 440 and the Genesis II E-330.

Each unit comes with technology that vaporizes the food drippings so that you can impart more seared flavors into each product. You’ll get a super smoky flavor that adds just the right touch to your food with Broil King’s Flav-R-Wave and Weber’s Flavorizer. Both designs are adequately sized and make it easier to clean up afterward.

That means you can avoid flare-ups with both grills because of their design.

Broil King and Weber provide even heat distribution with the design of the Baron 440 and Genesis II E-330, respectively. Any of the drippings that don’t get vaporized go to a drip tray that funnels the grease away from the burners. Each manufacturer offers a proprietary shape that sends propane to the cooking surface evenly for a well-rounded grilling experience.

The Baron 440 may have four burners, but it provides a cooking surface that’s about equal to the three that Weber provides. You won’t find this grill giving you a lot of extras, but it does do an excellent job of giving you a fast heating surface so that you can start cooking items almost immediately.

The Genesis II E-330 gives you the option to create an outdoor rotisserie with your grill. You also get the iGrill 3 app that connects to a smart device to take charge of your cooking times.

Performance Comparison: Baron vs. Genesis II

It takes the Baron 440 about 12 minutes to reach the correct searing temperature. You can bake foods within the grill if you don’t want to operate at 500°F with your meats, but that preference can lead to overcooking foods in a hurry. If you don’t wait for the grill to heat up properly, then it is much easier for meat to stick to surfaces.

The Genesis II E-330 takes between 10-15 minutes to reach 500°F with the lid closed. It all depends on the outdoor conditions that exist before you start the grilling process.

For both the Broil King and Weber models, the first thing to check to see if you’re not achieving the correct temperature is your burner controls. You’ll want each burner to be engaged at the highest position when you use the push-button start. It can be easy sometimes to set the temps too low, thinking that you’re doing the opposite.

If you leave the lid open for any time during the preheating process, then your times are going to change. Almost all grills, including charcoal and natural gas models, are designed to operate in a closed-lid environment. Keeping the grilling area open causes a significant increase in your overall cooking time.

Warranty Comparison of the Baron 440 vs. Genesis II E-330

Broil King offers a limited lifetime warranty to consumers for the materials and craftsmanship of the cookbox. Grillers also receive a 10-year guarantee on the four Dual Tube burners that come with the Baron 440. All of the other parts on this unit, along with the paint, receive two years of protection.

Weber provides a 10-year warranty on all parts that come with the Genesis II E-330. It’s one of the most comprehensive protection guarantees for this brand. The protection does exclude regular wear and tear issues that can develop, and there are additional terms and conditions in the agreement that you’ll want to review.

Which Is Better: Baron 440 vs. Genesis II E-330?

When comparing these two grills, it is the small points and additional features that set them apart from each other.

If you want a smooth assembly experience and have some space to use for grilling, then the Genesis II E-330 from Weber will provide a lot of benefits. It might cost more than the other model, but you’ll also get the consistency you want with a better warranty on some of the parts.

When your home has spatial issues, and your budget is a little tight, then the Baron 440 from Broil King is a better solution. It offers an additional burner to give you a consistent temperature while staying competitive in every other essential category.

Many of the additional features that are available with the Weber grill come with an added cost – including the iGrill 3 smartphone temperature device.

If you want a larger cooking area, then Weber is your grill of choice in this comparison. When your goal is to maximize BTUs, then Broil King offers a few advantages. Both models give you a grease management system and high-performance parts that let you have fun grilling for years to come.

Compare the different data points between these two models, and you’ll discover an answer that works well for your home.

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