Broil King Gem 320 vs. Weber Spirit II E-210

The Broil King Gem 320 is an entry-level grill that doesn’t skimp on the features you can enjoy at home. It provides grillers with a modern look, a cast aluminum cookbox that’s corrosion-resistant, and powerful dual-flame tube burners that can give you a fantastic sear. The experience gets powered by the Linear-Flow valves that provide you with precision when cooking, adding a steel cart providing the foundation of the unit.

The Weber Spirit II E-210 is another entry-level grill that provides grillers with essential functions so that great-tasting food is an affordable result. It comes in three color choices, although the MSRP for the black option is $30 more than it is for the ivory or sapphire models. It’s built to fit into small spaces while providing a small cabinet that stores your propane tank.

Both models are the most affordable grills that are available by each respective manufacturer. This comparison will give you the data points needed to help you determine which one works best for your home.

Specification Comparison of the Gem 320 and Spirit II E-210

The Gem 320 from Broil King features 295 square inches of primary cooking surface to use. It comes with three stainless steel tube burners as standard, allowing you to have an even grilling temperature on its porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grids. This model also comes with the manufacturer’s Flav-R-Wave cooking system to reduce flare-ups and offers electronic ignition.

The Gem 320 also features dropdown side shelves that are made from a durable resin. The main burner output registers at 24,000 BTU.

The Spirit II E-210 from Weber features a primary cooking area of 360 square inches for grillers. It comes with two stainless steel burners, but the design still creates an even temperature for cooking. This model also uses the Flavorizer bars that vaporize food drippings to impart more flavor and limit your mess.

The Spirit II E-210 features a fold-down side table on the left and an open cart design that maximizes your space. It’s perfect for small patios, porches, or decks.

You can view the full specs of the Gem 320 and the Spirit II E-210 on each manufacturer’s website.

Design Comparison of the Gem 320 and Spirit II E-210

Both grills provide a compact design that maximizes the amount of space that you have at home. The Gem 320 is slightly wider than its Weber counterpart, although that fact doesn’t translate into a bigger cooking surface. What you do receive with this design as an advantage is a protected cabinet area for your propane tank.

The Spirit II E-210 emphasizes the grilling component of this model without paying much attention to its foundation. It provides a basic shelf that’s open at all sides for your propane tank, and you’re limited to a 20-gallon model for fuel with this design.

The grills provide enough room to manage the food requirements for about six people simultaneously.

Both models offer all-weather wheels that are mostly high-grade plastic. It can handle most conditions, but neither grill stands up well to precipitation without some type of cover protecting it.

Grilling Experience Differences Between Broil King and Weber

The Gem 320 from Broil King takes about 13 minutes to reach an appropriate temperature for grilling. Because the size of the cooking surface is so small, as is the cookbox, you lose a lot of heat once you open the lid to start making something. That means you need to overheat the unit to about 600° when you want to sear steaks, ribs, or chops – and that adds about five more minutes to the preheating routine.

If you don’t go to the higher temperature first, then your meat has a tendency to stick to the surface of the grill.

This issue impacts how you cook vegetables with the Gem 320. The smaller cookbox causes the high temperatures to reach the upper rack, which makes it a bit challenging to time your meal correctly. Watery produce can overcook very quickly with this design.

With the Spirit II E-210 from Weber, you can avoid the heat loss issue since you have more space with which to work. The time it takes to reach the correct temperature is about 15 minutes. Then you can get to work without much difficulty, although you can’t leave the lid open for long.

What sets the Weber model back is the two-burner design. It doesn’t give you the same flexibility for multiple zone cooking as the Broil King model, which means indirect cooking and reverse sears are more challenging to do on the Spirit II E-210.

You must be careful with both options to avoid overcooking because the limited space doesn’t offer much room for the dripping vaporization technology to work. If you like the idea of putting food on and letting it simmer and smoke, then a more advanced model from either manufacturer is likely necessary.

Warranty Protections Offered by Broil King and Weber

Broil King gives you multiple warranties based on the parts of the grill. You’ll receive a 10-year protection guarantee on the cookbox, but the burners only come with five years.

All of the additional parts, including the paint, only give you two years of protection.

Weber provides a 10-year warranty on all parts that excludes normal wear and tear issues with the Spirit II E-210 grill. Additional terms and conditions are reviewable in the documentation that comes with this unit.

Which Is Better: Broil King Gem 320 or Weber Spirit II E-210?

If you want true affordability, then the Broil King Gem 320 is the best solution today. It is one of the cheapest grills in the marketplace that doesn’t compromise on the quality of the parts used to create it. It’s even more affordable than some of the premium charcoal-based units that you can find.

When the asking price isn’t a consideration, then the Weber Spirit II E-210 gives you more overall value. You’ll have access to more optional features, a larger cooking surface, and the same consistency with cooking temperatures. It also comes in a more compact frame, making it suitable for apartments and condos that permit grilling activities.

Both models provide enough grilling space to manage the needs of the average family. If you like to light it up each weekend during the summer for burgers, steaks, and hot dogs, then either one will work. When your goal is to provide entertainment with family and friends on a larger scale, then neither really gets the job done.

Each grill provides specific advantages that could be useful. Compare each point and feature here to determine the exact model that can fit your needs so that you can enjoy great food for years to come!

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