Broil King Signet 320 vs. Weber Spirit E-310

Broil King Signet 320
Weber Spirit E-310
Gas TypePropane GasPropane Gas
BrandBroil KingWeber
Number of Burners33
Broil King Signet 320Weber Spirit E-310
Big Casters make it much easier to moveComese with a poultry roasting feature
Larger warming rack than Weber Spirit E-310Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates more comfortable to clean
With a smoker to impart hints of mesquite, cherry, or other flavors using natural methods529 square inches of grilling room
635 square inches of cooking area424 square inches of cooking area
400 square inches of primary usage areaTotal output of 32,000 BTUs
40,000 BTUs of grilling powerSmaller warming rack, more consistent heating of food
Internal temperaturesInternal temperatures

Welcome to BBQBOSS, if you are a food lover, you must already know the popularity of Weber and Broil King. Today, we’re going to introduce the 320 series and 310 series, which are similar in function and price. How to choose in this grill?

Broil King and Weber are two of the leading brands to consider when you want to enjoy the benefits of grilling at home. If you wish to have a premium experience, then the Signet 320 and Spirit E-310 models from the respective manufacturers are worth considering.

The Broil King Signet 320 and the Weber Spirit E-310 have similar features and price points. Both options are liquid propane grills that produce identical results for your favorite foods and dishes.


Both grills are relatively large when compared to lesser-priced models. When you look at the Signet 320 next to the Spirit E-310, you’ll find that the latter option is a little taller and broader. That means a new Weber grill would need more space on your patio or porch to use.

The size of the Weber gives it an extra level of sturdiness when compared to the Broil King, but it also creates some challenges with movement.

Even with its extra size, the casters on the Signet 320 make it much easier to move.

Cooking Area

Although the Broil King Signet 320 is a smaller grill, the design offers a more comprehensive cooking area than what you’ll receive from the Weber Spirit E-310.

  1. The Signet 320 provides 635 square inches of total cooking space, with 400 square inches designated as a primary usage area.
  2. The Spirit E-310 offers 529 square inches of grilling room, with 424 square inches listed as a central cooking area.

The one advantage that the Broil King grill offers in this comparison is a larger warming rack. If you host social gatherings or have a large family, then you can take advantage of that extra space to cook vegetables or do some smoking. It’s a feature that makes it easier to create the desired outcome.

Features and Performance

The Broil King Signet 320 provides you with three stainless steel burners that deliver up to 40,000 BTUs of grilling power across the entirety of the cooking surface. That means you receive fast heat and higher temperature levels that are perfect for searing. Then you can turn down the temperatures to lock all of the juices inside your favorite meats.

If you use the Weber Spirit E-310, then the three stainless steel burners it provides can achieve a total output of 32,000 BTUs. Although it may not heat as quickly, the one advantage you receive with this model is the inclusion of the “Flavorizer” bars. It’s a feature that collects food drippings to impart more flavor in each item while making grease disposal a simple task.

The Signet 320 can develop the occasional cold spot across its three burners. You won’t find that issue with the Spirit E-310.

If you prefer a solid sear and have excellent grilling skills, then the Broil King comes out ahead in this comparison. When your goal is to create consistency and a robust flavor profile, then the Weber model can provide some advantages.

Smoker vs. Grill

The Broil King Signet 320 comes with a smoker that allows you to impart hints of mesquite, cherry, or other flavors using natural methods. This feature combines with the proprietary dual-tube burner that creates an even heating surface from the front to the back of the grill. The tubes are about 0.25 inches wider in diameter than what you’ll find on Weber products.

The Weber Spirit E-310 comes with a poultry roasting feature so that you can create fantastic meals at home in no time at all. You can prepare almost anything with this option, from chocolate fondue to a grilled cake.

Both grills provide you with cast iron cooking grates that work to impart an even sear with the perfect marks that you want on your foods. If you choose the Signet 320, then you’ll receive a two-sided design that allows you to let your items bathe in their juices more than creating appealing visual aesthetics.

If you decide on the Spirit E-310, then you’ll receive porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. The Flavorizer bars have the same coating. That makes this grill more comfortable to clean when compared to the Broil King.

Long-Term Durability

Both of these grills require protection from the elements to provide you with a long-term grilling solution. Although stainless steel components and porcelain coating can resist corrosion to a certain extent, an unprotected product in the backyard will show evidence of rust within a couple of years.

The electronic ignition system for the Signet 320 and the Spirit E-310 is somewhat similar. It comes with a push-button design that makes it easy to ignite the propane feed so that you can start cooking right away.

Each grill comes with a lift handle that’s appropriately placed for comfortable use. 

Because the Spirit E-310 stands a little higher, some owners may need to stretch to raise the lid to its full height. That means there’s a small risk of getting a blast of smoke or heat to the face as you work with your foods.

Both models come with a built-in lid thermometer that provides an accurate gauge of what to expect for internal temperatures. That makes it a lot easier to time your items to perfection. The Broil King Signet 320 tends to be a little hotter when performing, which is a detail that you’ll want to take into account.


The Broil King Signet 320 features a limited lifetime warranty on the entire cookbox. You’ll also receive a ten-year protection guarantee for the Dual Tube burner system. All of the other parts and paint on the unit receive two years of protection.

The Weber Spirit E-310 comes with a 10-year cookbox warranty for burn through and rust, although the paint on the grill is only guaranteed for two years. The burner tubes and lid assembly also receive ten years of protection.

You receive five years for the stainless steel or cast iron cooking grates and the Flavorizer bars. All other parts receive a two-year guarantee.

Which Is Better

Both models provide grillers with a robust grilling opportunity thanks to consistent heating and ease-of-use. You’ll receive more BTU output if you choose the Broil King option, although the foods come out slightly better with the Weber – unless a sear is what you want. The Signet 320 has a clear advantage in that area.

You can control both grills with simple control knobs to limit overheating concerns. The one significant advantage of the Weber model is that you have a smaller warming rack, which means you have more consistent heating of your food when grilling in large portions.

It is possible to smoke your meats using both grills when you use the additional features. The standout feature for the Weber model is the poultry roaster that can become a versatile tool for making a variety of items.

The Broil King Signet 320 and the Weber Spirit E-310 have some similar price points and results to offer, so the size and added features become the primary comparison issues. That makes it easier to decide on the model that works best for your home.


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