Camp Chef vs. Traeger: Finding the World’s Best Pellet Grill

Wood pellet grills provide your backyard with the same benefits this technology offers a home when incorporated into a stove.

When you take a look at the Camp Chef vs. Traeger debate, you’ll discover a variety of models and features that make each grill stand out by itself.

Introducing Camp Chef to the Backyard Griller

Camp Chef was initially founded in 1990 to provide portable grilling solutions to people who craved outdoor activities. You could find camp stoves, small grills, and other products that this under-served demographic wanted during this period.

Some of Camp Chef’s first best-selling products were portable grills, flat-tops, and pizza ovens. The company continued to expand through the 1990s to include Dutch ovens, outdoor stoves, and similar designs.

When grilling manufacturers received legal permission to start creating pellet grills, Camp Chef was one of the first brands taking on this challenge.

Although they didn’t invent the pellet grill, some of Camp Chef’s products outperform the brands in ratings and reviews that got a head start on this technology.

An Introduction to the Traeger Brand

Traeger is responsible for the original patents that brought pellet grilling to backyards globally. The company started producing the first grills in this category in the 1980s.

Traeger dominated the industry for 20 years because of its patent on pellet grilling.

When you compare the structure, engineering, and overall design of a Traeger grill to others, you find the same technology in almost every product.

Camp Chef vs. Traeger: Side-by-Side Comparison

Since both manufacturers produce world-class pellet grills, you’ll discover more similarities when comparing the two brands than differences.

Temperature Range

Traeger pellet grills have a temperature range that peaks at 400°F, although newer models can also reach the 500°F threshold.

Pellet Hopper Capacity

The original hopper that holds wood pellets for this grilling option provides 18 pounds of fuel to use while outside. You’ll get several hours of support with this traditional design that you can still find with entry-level Traeger grills.

Traeger responded with a change from their traditional design to be competitive. The Ironwood 885 offers a 20-pound hopper capacity, while the Timberline 850 hits the 24-pound capacity mark.

Additional Features

The Camp Chef vs. Traeger debate must also look at the extra features each brand offers to consumers with their different grill series solutions.

Camp Chef gives you the option to use a side burner, although it requires propane to be usable.

Traeger grills are noticeably heavy, with some models clocking in at more than 200 pounds.

Benefits of Using Pellet Grills

Choosing how to start grilling when you have Camp Chef or Traeger producing world-class wood-fired pellet grills can be challenging.

1. You get less smoke with a pellet grill.

A wood-fire pellet grill is one of the easiest ways to create backyard bliss in every bite.

2. Pellet grills provide you with tons of versatility.

Wings, short ribs, hot dogs, burgers, and even pizza are all possible when choosing Camp Chef or Traeger products. You can marinate your favorite foods, add a dry rub, or baste to your heart’s content without worrying about the results. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who considers themselves to be a rookie griller.

5. A variety of models is available in this industry segment.

The Camp Chef vs. Traeger debate gives you several different sizes, shapes, and features from which to choose if you want a pellet grill.

6. Some pellet grills let you do cold smoking.

Cold smoking is an added benefit on some models that let you cook seafood or cheese dishes without creating a massive mess.

You can mix-and-match features on Camp Chef or Traeger pellet grills to find the perfect solution to use in your backyard. When you start grilling with this technology, you’ll find many more tempting paths to wander!

Give Yourself Lots of Space

Smoking foods with your pellet grill can quickly overwhelm your patio or deck. Although not everyone needs 800 square inches to use when grilling, the entry-level models for Camp Chef and Traeger provide a little over 200 square inches – and that might not be enough.

Take advantage of the sear box.

You’ll notice immediately that a pellet grill cannot compete with the temperatures that grillers achieve with briquettes or lump charcoal. When you compare Camp Chef vs. Traeger in this area, you might get up to 600°F on a good day.

All is not lost for those who enjoy smoking and searing with a pellet grill.

Camp Chef Pellet Grills to Use

Camp Chef makes a wide variety of pellet grills that are worth considering.

Camp Chef Models Priced at $1,000 or Less
  1. Pursuit 20 Portable Pellet Grill: $440
  2. SmokePro SE 24 Pellet Grill: $440
  3. SmokePro XT24 Pellet Grill: $500
  4. SmokePro DLX 24: $550
  5. Woodwind WIFI 20: $600
  6. SmokePro SG 24 WIFI Pellet Grill: $700
  7. Woodwind WIFI 24: $800
  8. SmokePro LUX 36: $880
  9. SmokePro SGX WIFI: $900
  10. Woodwind WIFI 24 with Sidekick: $1,000
  11. Woodwind WIFI 24 with Sear Box: $1,000
  12. Woodwind WIFI 36: $1,000

Bronze and black are the two standard differentiations to consider, although the DLX 24 pellet grill from Camp Chef does have a stainless steel selection.

Camp Chef Models Priced Above $1,000
  • Woodwind WIFI 36 with Sidekick: $1,200
  • Woodwind WIFI 36 with Sear Box: $1,200

Most Camp Chef pellet grills are priced competitively with charcoal and propane models of similar capability.

Camp Chef sells branded hardwood pellets to ensure you receive the exact level of performance you want in your backyard.

Traeger Grills to Use at Home

Entry-level models with this selection start at $1,799.99. The most prominent grill available from the brand is the Timberline Series 1300 pellet grill, which retails at $2,000.

Which Is Better

Camp Chef offers several strengths that some homes might find attractive, while Traeger does the same on the other side of the spectrum.

Pellet grilling is a fantastic experience, no matter what company you choose to support.

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