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  • Best Grill for Under $1,000

    These grills should provide multiple seasons of backyard fun with minimal maintenance. You want something easy to use, 100% sturdy, with plates that offer an even cooking surface. Hunting for excellent value in the grills under $500 range can be challenging. If you can double that budget, you’ll find several excellent choices that meet your […]

  • How to Make a Superior Brisket in Your Backyard

    When you want the epitome of grilled meat from your backyard grill, a lot of families talk about ribs, chops, and steaks. Although any foods from the grill are exceptionally tasty, nothing beats a perfectly prepared brisket. The problem that backyard grillers face involves temperature control. You need about 11 hours of cooking time to […]

  • How to Clean Your Grill

    After you’ve tried all of those different food combinations, it is time to know how to clean your grill correctly. The owner’s manual of your selected make and model will provide specific instructions to follow. You should use that guide as your primary reference. If you lost your owner’s manual, refer to the brand website […]

  • Unique Grilling Ideas to Try

    When you have one of the grills to use, the smoky goodness you love can happen throughout the year. Pizza. Cooking a small pizza on your grill gives it that wood-fired taste that you love from the pizzeria down the street with an extra dose of love. Although charcoal works well for this option, the pellet […]

  • Pit Boss vs. Traeger: How to Choose the Best Wood Pellet Grill

    Pot Boss grills are hotter, denser, and bigger than other designs that you can find in today’s marketplace. This brand promotes an 8-in-1 design that ensures everyone can make their favorite foods efficiently and affordably. You can enjoy a flame-broiled burger, a carefully smoked and seared steak, or flavorful vegetables by creating a convection-like experience. […]

  • Best Commercial Popcorn Machine in 2022 (with Buying Guide)

    If there is one snack that children and adults love equally, its popcorn. Whether you want to put a popcorn stand at a movie theatre, a concession stand, a convenience store or birthday parties, finding the best commercial popcorn machine is a must! You can even use a high-performing, industrial-quality popcorn machine to uplift the […]

  • Broil King Signet 320 vs. Weber Spirit E-310

    Broil King and Weber are two of the leading brands to consider when you want to enjoy the benefits of grilling at home. If you wish to have a premium experience, then the Signet 320 and Spirit E-310 models from the respective manufacturers are worth considering. The Broil King Signet 320 and the Weber Spirit […]

  • Nexgrill vs. Dyna Glo: Which Grill Brand Is Better?

    Nexgrill offers design options that let you take your grilling work to the next level. You have more heat, larger cooking surfaces, and access to unique features that let you accomplish a variety of outcomes with your favorite foods. Dyna Glo provides an entry-level grill for the occasional backyard enthusiast. You receive the basic functionality […]

  • Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II Review: How to Choose the Best Weber Grill

    George Stephen founded Weber grills in 1952 with the unique kettle design. He was an inventor, grill master, and father to 12 children. He loved the idea of gathering in the backyard with loved ones to eat something incredible almost as much as he adored his family. When Stephen invented the kettle design, he knew […]

  • Masterbuilt Smokers Reviews

    Love the taste of smoked meat but have no way to make it yourself? Want to be the talk of the town during the next neighborhood barbecue? We’ve got a solution for you! With the right smoker, you’ll be able to make high-quality smoked meats in no time. Both fortunately and unfortunately, there are tons […]