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Barbecue is life for all of us here at BBQ Boss. All the elements of a perfect experience come together when you’re around a grill or a smoker you love. You’ve got excellent food, company that you love, and a beautiful evening to enjoy.

Perfect moments like these always start the same way: with an idea. When you complete a recipe successfully, then your experience and expertise result in a fun time being had by everyone.

All of us who love to grill have favorite recipes that we love to follow. It could be something that you’ve discovered, personally developed, or handed down to you from your grandparents. These go-to instructions create the comfort foods that you love and enjoy sharing with others.

That’s why we invite you to share them with us here.

How You Can Share Your Talents with the World

If you want to share a fantastic recipe with the rest of the world, then BBQ Boss gives you that opportunity right here. Contact us with your information so that we can feature it here on the site with credit going to you.

Your submission must be an original recipe. We cannot accept anything from published cookbooks or another website, even if it has become your go-to way to create comfort food.

We also have a few simple guidelines that our team needs you to follow to ensure that your content meets our required standards.

  1. We can only accept completed recipes.

Your completed recipe must contain detailed, easy-to-follow instructions for each stage of preparation and grilling. Anything with vague instructions or incomplete details is automatically rejected. You must structure it in such a way that a stranger knows what ingredients to purchase. Then they must understand how much of each item to add and how to prepare the food correctly.

  1. Your content should be barbecue-related.

Although we do make the occasional exception to this rule if the content is brilliant, your recipe should generally be related to smoking, grilling, and barbecuing. If you cannot or would not use industry-related equipment to complete your submission, then it should not be submitted for review.

  1. You must structure your contact message in a specific way.

You must submit your content to us with the tagline “Content Submission” for our team to review it. We receive numerous contacts each day, and this structure helps your submission to stand out from all of the other requests. We only respond to the ideas that will get included on our website. If you haven’t heard from us in 30 days, then we’re not likely to use your recipe or content submission.

When you offer a submission, you’re granting us a license to publish it with attribution. No other payments or recognition occur unless expressly written otherwise.

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