Turn Your Kamado Joe into a Beautiful Outdoor Kitchen Area

The Kamado Joe is an excellent addition to any backyard grilling setup. It is one of the best ceramic grill brands you can find today, creating a cooking space that resembles an upside-down egg.

This design does an excellent job of trapping heat and circulating it throughout the entire cooking area to produce stunning dishes and flavorful foods.

Although the Kamado Joe works well by itself or on a stand, you can also take a built-in approach with it if you’re designing an outdoor kitchen space. Here are some ideas for you to consider if you’re up for the challenge of remodeling your patio into a fun food production area.

1. Add Storage to Your Cooking Area

The best Kamado Joe cooking tables add more storage to your grilling space. Unlike other grills, you don’t have any place to keep your supplies or tools when it is time to work on your favorite recipes.

Adding cabinets around your Kamado Joe will give the area a clean look, while a countertop can offer additional food preparation areas. Instead of dealing with disorganization and clutter, you’ll have a clean look that stops you from making dozens of trips back to the indoor kitchen to get what you need.

2. Cutting Board Benefits

It helps to have a safe place to cut your veggies and meats for the Kamado Joe grill. If you don’t want a formal counter, consider adding a built-in cutting board or a place for portable ones to your outdoor space.

Investing in this resource will prevent you from harming your cabinets or other working spaces. It also stops the need to prep your food inside the house before carrying the items to the grill.

Granite counters are an excellent choice for established outdoor cabinets, but the cost could be more than what you’d like to see for this backyard addition. Several resin-based counters simulate the look of this natural material at a more affordable price.

3. Wheels Add Portability

To enjoy using a Kamado Joe grill, you don’t need to build a permanent addition to your patio or deck. If you place it in a cart with some extra storage and working spaces, you’ll have a portable solution that meets your needs effectively.

Adding wheels to a grill table is relatively easy. Casters combine a bracket and wheel that attaches to the bottom of your unit. Look for a product with a weight-bearing rating that can handle the Kamado Joe and your cabinets or surfaces to ensure the best results.

4. Add Drawers to Your Space

It helps to have drawers by your Kamado Joe so that your utensils and flatware can stay organized. If you don’t want to take the time to build these yourself, premade options are available at many home improvement stores.

You can even find vanities and other cabinets that come in one-piece installation solutions. After placing the drawers and cabinets where you want them to be, you can affix the Kamado Joe to the unit.

If you purchase cabinets that contain a sink basin, the grill might fit in the precut opening without much for additional modifications.

5. Racks and Hooks

Placing racks and hooks near your Kamado Joe ensures that the things you need to grill effectively are always within reach. Even if you purchase a basic table that surrounds your cooking surface, this affordable add-on gives you space for everything from spatulas to aprons.

Having racks or shelves near your cooking area ensures there is space for herbs, spices, and sauces. You might even keep a nice bottle of wine there for a splash of flavor.

You can install most racks to the side of a grill table or underneath a tabletop. The shelves could be installed on an exterior structure or placed around the Kamado Joe as a freestanding unit.

6. Bins, Containers, and Receptacles

Whenever you start grilling, there will be some trash to manage. Whether you’re unwrapping a steak or finding a spot for corn husks, you’ll want a place to address these items. Adding a garbage bin and a place for your compost near where you work can help keep things neat and tidy. Don’t forget about adding a spot for your recyclables!

The Kamado Joe grill is one of the most versatile additions you can have for today’s backyard. It delivers a consistent cooking experience with more versatility with the various plates, stones, add-ons, and configurations to use. When you turn it into an outdoor kitchen, you’ll have even more fun ways to make a meal!

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