What Is BBQ Boss?

BBQ Boss is a product review website that provides consumers with information to make informed, empowered purchasing decisions. Our team offers unbiased observations and recommendations for the products in which you have an interest. We consistently update our content to ensure what you find is always helpful and relevant.

Can I trust BBQ Boss?

Our team has more than four decades of experience in this industry. We combine that knowledge with thousands of hours of testing, research, and experimentation to offer accurate reviews and comparisons that you can use. We might sometimes earn a commission if you click a link to purchase something, but that is it.

Who creates the content on BBQ Boss?

Our team consists of several writers, editors, product testers, and researchers from around the world. We vet each worker to ensure you receive non-biased content.

How do you choose the products to review?

We automatically exclude low-rated, outdated, or problematic makes and models from this industry. If you don’t see a specific product reviewed, compared, or tested, then it already failed. Our team typically selects between 5-10 of the best products in each category. Then we go over that item thoroughly so that you have the information needed to make the right buying decision.

What if I don’t agree with your product review or comparison?

Reviews are subjective. The content we publish comes from our first-hand experiences with each item. You’re welcome to contact us to discuss the matter further if you wish.

You didn’t pick the product that I’m thinking about purchasing – why?

We base our product picks on an item’s ability to perform. Our team excludes the models that don’t meet up to the promises made by the manufacturer. Rather than write up a large piece of content that says the item failed, then we don’t publish anything about it.

Why do you focus on individual brands?

Most people are loyal to a specific brand. They purchase all of their electronics, vehicles, or grills from that manufacturer because it provided them with an excellent experience in the past. Our team offers a diverse range of brand-related content for the barbecue industry, but we also want to ensure that brand-specific information is also available to you.

How do I contact your team?

You are always free to send us your questions, comments, or concerns by using the contact information found through the appropriate link on our website.

Can I write reviews for BBQ Boss?

We’re always looking for talented people to join our team! When you contact us, please gives us a handful of portfolio examples that we can review. We’d also like to see a cover letter that pitches something that you feel our site is currently missing.

Can I link to your website?

Absolutely! Please include the complete URL address with your hyperlinks.

Can I use the content published on your website?

No. If you see information that you’d like to make available on your website, then we encourage you to link to it. Should that outcome not be suitable, you must contact us for written permission to use any of our content.

What is your privacy policy?

Please review our privacy policy at your convenience. It is also imperative to read through our terms and conditions.