How to Clean Your Grill

After you’ve tried all of those different food combinations, it is time to know how to clean your grill correctly.

The owner’s manual of your selected make and model will provide specific instructions to follow. You should use that guide as your primary reference.

If you lost your owner’s manual, refer to the brand website for your grill’s manufacturer. Most companies have a PDF version you can download or print.

When that option is not available, you can follow these steps to help your equipment work better can cook safer.

Step #1: Do Not Use a Wire Brush

The wire ingestion risk is too high with this tool. Despite what others say, do not use this cleaning option at all. A better choice is a pumice stone. After burning your grill to get it hot, scrub it down with some water to remove the materials. When finished, sweep away any remaining ash, debris, or dust.

Step #2: Soak the Bars

If you have flavorizer bars on your grill, they need to get soaked to remove the grease. It takes about 30 minutes to complete the work with dish soap and hot water. You can follow this tactic for any trays, warming racks, and knobs that come off easily.

Step #3: Vacuum It Out

Once the bars, grates, and other items are gone, vacuum out your grill to remove any lingering debris from the firebox. If you see some charred junk plastered to the interior, a putty knife can scrape it off.

Step #4: Disinfect Your Grill

Now that everything is relatively clean, it is time to remove any potential germs. Scrub everything down with industrial vinegar, letting it sit for about five minutes. The only exception to this step is cast-iron components or chrome.

Step #5: Repair

Many grills use cast-iron grates with a porcelain coating as a cooking surface. If you see this material start chipping off, rust is soon to follow! After cleaning things up, use touch-up, food-grade porcelain paint to complete the work.

Step #6: Wipe it Down

Empty your bucket of dirty water. Refill it with clean fluids. Give your grill a good rinse.

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