Nexgrill vs. Dyna Glo: Which Grill Brand Is Better?

Nexgrill offers design options that let you take your grilling work to the next level. You have more heat, larger cooking surfaces, and access to unique features that let you accomplish a variety of outcomes with your favorite foods.

Dyna Glo provides an entry-level grill for the occasional backyard enthusiast. You receive the basic functionality needed for holiday grilling or the casual game night with friends without paying an uncomfortable price for those benefits.

Both manufacturers provide grills that let you enjoy extended use with careful care and maintenance. Since the brands use entry-level materials to construct their grills, you may find it necessary to replace today’s purchase in a couple of years without a cover or regular cleaning taking place.

What to Expect with Nexgrill Grills

Nexgrill provides a cabinet-style design with many of their grills. It is an attractive option that offers more storage space than you’ll find with Dyna Glo or other brands.

The manufacturing process features 304 stainless steel to give you a corrosion-resistant foundation from which to work. Although the grates are only coated with the metal, it still provides an excellent cooking experience.

You won’t need to deal with the chipping porcelain that you can find as a coating on most other grills.

The weight and movement of a Nexgrill grill are similar to what you’d receive with a Dyna Glo option. Both are closer to an entry-level design that something more advanced, like something you might find with a Weber gas grill.

Benefits of Choosing a Nexgrill Gas Grill

When you choose a gas grill from Nexgrill, you can receive up to 60,000 BTUs of cooking support. That combined output comes on the five-burner models that are available from the brand. The individual burners give you 12,000 BTUs, which is slightly higher than what you’d receive with a comparable Dyna Glo product.

Almost all gas grills reach a temperature of 500°F, and Nexgrill is no exception. You can maintain 250°F rather comfortably with its designs.

You have plenty of cooking space, with Nexgrill models averaging over 460 square inches of primary surface to use. Another 164 square inches with a secondary warming rack is available to use.

That means you have enough space to grill for a family of 5-6 with affordable ease when choosing Nexgrill for your backyard.

What to Expect with Nexgrill Charcoal Grill

Nexgrill charcoal grills provide an affordable way to add smoky flavors to your favorite foods. Most models are priced comparably to Dyna Glo, Weber, and other top brands.

The manufacturer uses a durable, porcelain-coated cast-iron finish for its cooking grates in this category. They require some work to keep clean, but this feature also keeps the prices down on your preferred design. Some models come with a foldable front shelf so that you can have some extra preparation space if needed.

Most Nexgrill charcoal grills have an adjustable tray so that you have more control over your heat and temperature.

For less than $100, you can find model #810-0025, providing over 550 square inches of cooking space to give you room to work. The ventilation brackets give you firm control over the firebox, while built-in lid thermometers ensure that you aren’t overcooking items.

The best models in this category include an ash tray that captures the consumed fuel to make cleanup work a lot easier to manage.

Features Found on Nexgrill Grills

You can find many of today’s best features on Nexgrill grills. Several models come with a 10-year warranty that protects the vital equipment you’ll use for making burgers and more.

  • Foldable Shelves. This design footprint enables you to shrink the grill size to have more storage solutions on your property.
  • Temperature Control. Built-in thermometers make it easier to manage your charcoal or gas temperatures to get the perfect sear each time.
  • Portability. Several models from Nexgrill feature plastic wheels on the right legs so that you can move the grill to different locations on your patio or deck based on the external conditions.
  • Adjustability. The charcoal grills provide trays that you can move up or down to have precise control over the temperature of the food. Front knobs on gas models give you the same versatility, even when using a five-burner model.

What to Expect with Dyna Glo Grills

Dyna Glo manufactures over a dozen unique propane grills through funding from the GHP Group, which is responsible for the brand. You’ll find basic two-burner models, a five-burner stainless steel option, and several mid-range designs that let you create a unique backyard grilling experience.

You can choose from charcoal, natural gas, or LP gas when you shop with the Dyna Glo brand. A few smokers are also available if you prefer to go in that direction.

Benefits of Choosing a Dyna Glo Gas Grill

These grills are the epitome of convenience. The ignition system provided by the manufacturer has you cooking in no time. It only takes about ten minutes for the surface to reach the appropriate temperature, and you can connect it to a larger tank.

A 20-pound tank gives you about 25 hours of grilling support when you choose a unit from the Dyna Glo brand. If you have a natural gas connection, you don’t even need to worry about this issue!

The temperature controls on Dyna Glo grills are front-and-center for grillers to use. A swift turn of the knob lets you manage hot spots that can develop with the multi-burner designs. You can hold a steady temperature, configure for indirect heating, or handle different foods with the larger models.

Cleaning up afterward is super simple with a Dyna Glo gas grill. It needs a thorough cleaning about three times per year to avoid grease and carbon buildup.

Benefits of Choosing a Dyna Glo Charcoal Grill

You don’t need to be a charcoal purist to appreciate the benefits of a Dyna Glo charcoal grill. The various sizes and styles that you can find with this manufacturer enable you to enjoy cooking your way.

This brand does an excellent job of adding smoky flavors to your favorite meats and veggies. You can reach a higher temperature compared to the gas models with Dyna Glo, ensuring a crisp sear while the juices stay intact with your preferred cuts.

Although it takes some time to set up and you need to manage soot deposits, the designs from Dyna Glo make that possible.

You can also choose from cast-iron or stainless steel grates to have a maximum level of customization and control over your searing. The latter is much easier to clean, while the former retains heat more effectively to help you do more with less energy.

Features Found on Dyna Glo Grills

You can find several features available on the different models manufactured by Dyna Glo. Although each unit may not have all of them, you can pick and choose which ones you prefer based on your budget, grilling needs, and other factors.

  • Integrated Thermometers. It is much easier to keep an eye on your roasting needs with the lid-integration design for the thermometer.
  • Heat Tents. This option prevents liquids and foods from getting on the burners in the gas models.
  • Grease Collection. Your grill should have a tray that falls into the gaps when cooking.
  • Warming Racks. Most models from this brand feature this option so that you can keep cooked foods warm while other items keep grilling.
  • Side Tables. This design option makes it easier to prepare meat, keep dishes for easy access, or manage a sauce. Some models have a single table and a side burner that you can use.

Several models are available for less than $300. The five-burner propane grill from Dyna Glo with stainless steel and SearPLUS technology retails for about $250.

List of the Best Nexgrill Grills

1. Nexgrill 720-0898

This six-burner model includes a side option for pans with sauces, beans, or other favorites. Each one provides 10,000 BTUs of output to give you plenty of cooking power. All of that heat happens on 582 square inches of grilling space, ensuring fast results that stay juicy on the inside.

Although it provides cast-iron grates and a stainless steel cabinet, it is still remarkably lightweight for its size. The included casters make it easy to transport around your property. It may not provide commercial-quality results, but it is the perfect solution for the home chef who wants an upgrade in grilling performance.

2. Nexgrill Evolution

Choose this five-burner option if your preference for grilling involves infrared technology. This entry-level option features removable heat plates, firebox dividers, and a side burner for extra flexibility. You won’t believe the variety of foods that you can make with this option!

You receive almost 700 square inches of cooking space, although the output is only 9,000 BTUs each. The central surface heat quickly and maintains its temperature well, although more powerful models are available from other brands.

3. Nexgrill Propane Grill

This four-burner propane grill (including a side burner) gets all of the basics right. The design is similar to most entry-level models available in today’s marketplace. With over 600 square inches of cooking surface to use, there is plenty of room to cook.  The total output is 60,000 BTUs, making this design one of the most powerful options available from this manufacturer.

It features angle flame-taming technology that keeps the grease away from the flames. You get clean flavors, no burning smells, and safer grilling because of these advantages.

List of the Best Dyna Glo Grills

1. Dyna Glo DGE Series

This propane grill features four burners, 52,000 BTUs of support, and 646 square inches of cooking surface to use. It has a streamlined foundation so that you have room to keep your propane tank safe without taking up tons of deck or patio space.

A stainless steel heat tent guards the tubes so that you have even temperature distribution for cooking. You can control the different zones to manage all of your favorite foods, and a drip tray makes it super simple to keep everything clean.

2. Dyna Glo 3-Burner LP Grill

If you need something smaller for your home, this Dyna Glo grill provides a lot of cooking support. You receive over 500 square inches of grilling surface to use (including the warming rack) and 36,000 BTUs in total. It also comes with the push-button ignition system that lets you get to work right away.

Some of the larger models from Dyna Glo don’t come with collapsible side tables, but you receive this feature when choosing this grill. It sears your food well without going overboard on the heat. It doesn’t come with a cover, so you’ll want to add that cost into your consideration.

3. Dyna Glo Heavy-Duty Charcoal Grill

When you prefer to use charcoal over gas, this model features many proven tools that can help you create incredible food. It comes with three heavy-duty cooking grates for almost 700 square inches of cooking area. The rounded design incorporates the smoky flavors for about two-dozen burgers at a time with its size.

You’ve got plenty of space to work with the two side tables on this grill. You have a storage cart underneath for the charcoal or other supplies. Temperature controls and tray movement let you get the perfect sear at whatever temperature you prefer. It is easily one of the best options of this type that you can find in the marketplace today.

Nexgrill vs. Dyna Glo: Which Is Better?

Nexgrill and Dyna Glo provide entry-level options that almost everyone can afford. If you want to add a grill to your backyard, a model from one of these brands will offer a satisfactory experience.

These manufacturers excel in providing robust features without overcharging. Although the premium designs don’t stand out as much, you can still find an excellent grill for less than $300 from either brand.

Nexgrill and Dyna Glo even offer a few selections under $100 to consider.

How do you choose between the two companies? Nexgrill grills tend to market themselves to unique demographics. If you enjoy a particular type of grilling when you work with food, the feature combination naturally attracts you to a specific model.

Dyna Glo grills tend to be for the general griller who regularly tackles new foods or concepts.

You can’t go wrong with either brand. Select one of the grills from Nexgrill or Dyna Glo today to start maximizing the fun that you can have in your backyard.

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