Nexgrill vs. Weber: Who is the Winner?

The Weber brand is given by Weber-Stephen Products LLC. It manufactures a wide range of grills, from electric outdoor grills to charcoal gas grills. It was established around 125 years ago.

They are also known to be the pioneers of the charcoal kettle grill which became popular as George’s Barbecue Kettle. It grew in demand exponentially and this led to the separation of the Weber Brothers factory.

Nexgrill Industries, Inc. produces stainless gas grills and kitchen products. Established more than 25 years ago, this brand supplies excellent quality stainless steel partial grills, stainless steel pedestal design grills, stainless steel food carts for use in kitchens, patio heaters and a lot more.

It boasts of many advanced grill features like searing side burners, infrared plates, customizable grids, etc.

Nexgrill 720-0864RA

NexGrill 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill in Stainless Steel with Infrared Technology offers the following features.

  1. The cooking area spans 450 square inches.  
  2. The heat output is up to 28,000 BTUs/hour.
  3. It weighs approximately 100.6 pounds
  4. It flaunts a glistening stainless color.
  5. The warranty is for 8 years.

What you will like about it

This propane burner is a smaller and more compact version of some former models by NexGrill. It stands proudly in a metallic color-coated with a black shine. It features an easy fold cabinet that can be used for propane tank storage. The stainless steel lid will prevent the smoke from coming out.

Furthermore, the burner is outfitted with two porcelain-coated cast iron grids that will ensure safe grilling. It also has porcelain flame tamers to ensure even heat distribution throughout the cooking range.

The grill has approximately 500 square inches of cooking space. It also has a side burner.

The best thing about this burner is that it supports infrared technology. So, this griller uses convection cooking, This means that the food doesn’t come into direct contact with the hot surface.

Instead, it involves a heated element that will radiate heat to the food. Infrared technology can offer very high temperatures as compared to traditional technologies. Infrared solutions also prevent the food from getting charred as it does with conventional grilling methods.

An integrated thermometer will detect the temperature from 100 to 800 Fahrenheit. It also features four lockable wheels that ensure smooth transportation of the device.

Overall, this grill is easy to use for outdoor grilling because of its compact size. It will fit anywhere in a small backyard or patio. So, you don’t have to specially build a grilling place in your house.

Another thing is that most of its features are resistant to rust and corrosion. So, you can experiment with different cooking methods with this grill.

Weber Spirit II E-210 2-Burner Liquid Propane Grill, Black offers the following features.

  1. The cooking area spans 450 square inches.
  2. The heat output is approximately 26,500 BTUs/hour.
  3. It weighs about 103 pounds.
  4. The color is matte black.
  5. The warranty is of 10 years.
Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill

What you will like about it

Weber renovated Spirit II E 201 in 2018. Now, it offers excellent features that make it a proud name in the market. It has a smaller size than most other grills in the market.

Also, it doesn’t have many high technology features. So, it is part of Weber’s entry-level series. However, don’t let the label as entry fool you. It may seem to be a relatively new product, but Weber isn’t new.

If you are planning a small get-together or family dinner, E-210 is what you need. It has a small footprint. Therefore, it will fit easily in the balcony of your home.  Even though it is compact, it offers similar features like the more expensive Weber Genesis series.

The propane grill comes in a variety of colors. This is a change because the old model offered a standard black color only. Therefore, you can choose the color that goes with your outdoor aesthetics.

Let’s compare the features of Weber VS NexGrill in detail.

1. Grill Area

Weber offers a unique grilling system. So, it is the best option for experts and laymen alike. It has 450 square inches which also includes the 90 square inches warming rack.

On the other hand, the Nexgrill also features a 450 square inches cooking area. Of these 450 square inches, 65 square inches is dedicated to the warming rack. The rest of the 385 square inches is the actual cooking area.

2. Heat Consistency

NexGrill features two burners, each with 14,000 BTU per hour. So, the total heat output of this grill will be 28,000 BTU per hour. On the other hand, Weber has a total heat output of 26,500 BTU per hour.

This difference might not seem to be huge. However, practically it noticeable if you want to do a Weber vs NexGrill comparison. It amounts to 1500 BTU which is significant. So, when it comes to heat consistency, NexGrill wins the race.

3. Performance

Weber’s electronic crossover system offers better performance. Weber also features a fuel gauge and thermometer. So, you will get regular updates about the level of fuel and temperature. On the other hand, NexGrill doesn’t offer this facility.

Another aspect of performance is corrosion. NexGrill has some thin parts in the construction that may be prone to corrosion. Weber offers good resistance to corrosion. This aspect depends on how and where you will be using the grill.


NexGrill features an infrared technology that is designed for slower and more even cooking. NexGrill is known for its porcelain cast-iron grates.

Moreover, you will find an electronic ignition on the grill. This helps to start the ignition more easily.

Also, the removable steel heat plates and firebox dividers will give more ideal heat control. The stainless cooking grids ensure even heat. As the grill turns on, the thermometer will also detect temperature and help to regulate it.

On the other hand, Weber features a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate. This is made for delicate food. Weber comes with a folding side table as well.


Thanks to the construction style, Weber is easier to clean. On the other hand, NexGrill’s stainless steel and cast-iron components offer good resistance for rust.


You must consider the heat output, technology, consistency and ease of cleaning to decide between the two brands. While it may seem to establish a clear difference between them at first glance, you will notice the differences as you dig deeper.

Everyone who loves to grill has unique needs. If it is heat output that you are looking for, NexGrill is for you. And, if you are looking for a sleek design, Weber is the winner.

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