Traeger vs. Pit Boss: Which Is Better?

One of the best investments you can make for your home this year is to buy a pellet grill. When you can produce tasty food over natural wood, the smoky flavors bring a bit of nostalgia with every bite.

It’s like the first time you roasted hot dogs over the campfire as a kid. If you had a fire toaster, you might have turned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into one of the best meals you’ve ever had!

You can do the same thing with a pellet grill on a grander scale. Imagine being able to throw on a rack of ribs, a couple of ring sausages, a package of hot dogs, some brats, and a few pork chops all at once to feed everyone. If you prefer a smoked brisket, some grills have enough room for three or four you can make at once.

Traeger and Pit Boss are two of the best pellet grill brands available today. Which one is better?

Comparison of Traeger vs. Pit Boss Pellet Grills

Traeger and Pit Boss manufacture pellet grills that look like your standard backyard barbecue. Some models come with a separate firebox that makes adding smoke to your favorite ingredients easier.

Both brands receive outstanding reviews and praise from current and former customers. That’s why a closer look at the features and dynamics of each company can help you select a pellet grill that makes sense for your needs.

Here are the top comparison points to review today when looking at Traeger and Pit Boss Grills to add to your backyard.

Comparison PointTraeger vs. Pit Boss Pellet Grill Comparison Information
ConstructionTraeger is an industry leader when looking at this comparison point. They use cast-iron grates with a non-toxic coating that stops food from sticking. Their fireboxes use a similar material. Pit Boss uses several of the same elements in its design. Although the aesthetics are similar, the materials are not as robust when compared to a similar Traeger model.
PricePit Boss manufacturers pellet grills that typically cost less than $1,000. Their most popular models are somewhere between $500 to $700 in most areas. That makes it a budget-friendly option for those who want to try this grilling method. Traeger products are typically above $1,000, especially when you want a top model. Some options are priced in the $500 range, but there are fewer features available in that category.
Cooking SpaceThe cooking space you receive for a Traeger or Pit Boss grill depends on your preferred model. When you choose Traeger, you’ll find options that get close to 900 square inches, with most top models providing at least 600 square inches. Most Pit Boss grills have less cooking space than that, with some barely topping 500 square inches.
Temperature RangeTraeger and Pit Boss have a comparable temperature range that tops out at 600°F. Some models only have a 500°F limit, so you’ll want to pay close attention to this specification when shopping to ensure the grill you purchase meets your needs.
Hopper SizeA larger hopper allows you to smoke foods for a long time without worrying about a refill. Traeger makes some models that hold up to 18 pounds while incorporating an ash collection system to make cleaning up a breeze. Pit Boss grills typically have hoppers that hold 10 to 12 pounds of wood pellets. Both units function the same way, so you’ll need to decide how much convenience in this category is worth to you.

Best Traeger Wood Pellet Grills to Buy Today

Traeger has been an industry leader for more than three decades. If you have always wanted to try using a pellet grill, one of the following models will deliver the results you would like to see.

Traeger Pros Series 34

This incredible pellet grill produces a maximum output of 36,000 BTU, ensuring you quickly receive the temperature you want. It retains your preferred temps with excellent consistency, delivering an even cooking experience that handles all food types. It uses cast-iron construction, but the metal keeps heat impressively.

Traeger includes an automatic starting feature with this model to speed up the process. The hopper holds 18 pounds of your favorite pellets to create the smoke you love, and then a beautiful sear locks everything into place.

Two meat probes are included with the grill to simplify checking your meat temperatures.

Traeger includes an automatic starting feature with this model to speed up the process. The hopper holds 18 pounds of your favorite pellets to create the smoke you love, then a beautiful sear locks everything into place.

Two meat probes are included with the grill to simplify checking your meat temperatures.

Traeger TFB30LZB Tailgater 20 Series

This freestanding grill could easily make a case for itself being the best of its type in the world today. It is small enough to load in your vehicle for tailgating while having the power and space to deliver incredible smoky flavors. Bring this one with you if you love to camp and don’t want to use the provided grills.

The legs fold up easily for storage or transportation. They sit alongside the cooking chamber to fit in the back of an SUV, truck, or camper. You’ll get an eight-pound hopper with this model, five-degree temperature changes, and a digital arc controller to keep an eye on everything.

Traeger Pro Series 22 Pellet Grill

When you have this pellet grill in your backyard, you’ll have something that catches the eyes of your neighbors right away. It looks stunning with its black and bronze combination finish. Although it only has 572 square inches of cooking space, it’s the perfect size for compact city yards or small balconies.

The automatic auger monitors the temperature levels, adding pellets when needed so that you can stay busy with other tasks. As ash develops, the removal system sends it to a removable bucket that is easy to manage and clean.

You’ll find that this pellet grill simplifies the cooking process while adding more depth and character to each ingredient or recipe.


Best Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grills to Buy Today

If you’re leaning toward Pit Boss as your pellet grill brand of choice, here are the top grills to consider buying for your backyard.

Pit Boss PB440D2

This wonderful two-tone grill delivers a beautiful finish that works well in small spaces. It comes equipped with a cart and casters that make moving it around a porch or patio simple and easy. The cooking temperature tops out at 500°F with this model, but there is an added shelf to keep the meat warm or slow-cook your favorite vegetables.

There’s enough room on this grill for about 20 burgers so that you can produce food for a large social gathering.

A solid shelf below the grill works well for storing supplies. Pit Boss includes an integrated bottle opener as an added feature. You’ll find the digital control board provides accurate information to eliminate unnecessary lid lifts, while the automatic cool-down feature adds another level of convenience.

Pit Boss 700SC Pellet Grill

This pellet grill provides a straightforward experience. It delivers about 700 square inches of cooking space to use while offering a storage cabinet for your supplies or ingredients. This area is sheltered from the heat, so you won’t need to worry about damaging a grill light or other accessories.

What makes this pellet grill stand out is its built-in flame broiler. You can make burgers that taste like they came straight from your favorite restaurant in minutes.

Instead of using a wheelbarrow design, Pit Boss incorporates four small wheels and casters for efficient gliding. Locking mechanisms are included to ensure the pellet grill won’t try to run away during a long smoking session.

Pit Boss 820 Deluxe

When you need a pellet grill to help you handle heavy-duty cooking needs, this model stands head and shoulders above the rest in the Pit Boss lineup. It provides numerous built-in features that help manage your prep work, including a side table that doubles as a serving tray when taking food out of the unit.

Pit Boss coated the lid of this 820 Deluxe in copper to add a lovely visual element while locking the smoke inside. It’s an efficient way to enhance food flavors while minimizing your overall efforts.

The grill is made from 16-gauge steel. It comes with an automatic cooling feature to reduce internal temperatures when you’re finished for the day.

Traeger vs. Pit Boss: Which Is Better?

On the surface, Traeger and Pit Boss both put up strong arguments about why they’re the better manufacturer of pellet grills today.

With a Traeger grill, you receive modern features and more cooking space while enjoying a larger hopper on most models for all-day smoking.

If you look at Pit Boss, they provide a compelling argument for blending affordability with practical designs so that anyone who wants to use this grilling method can give it a try.

Both options provide incredible food, which is why the final choice is up to you. Review the features of each model, think about what your budget can afford, and then add the best grill to meet your needs to your backyard.

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