Unique Grilling Ideas to Try

When you have one of the grills to use, the smoky goodness you love can happen throughout the year.

  • Pizza. Cooking a small pizza on your grill gives it that wood-fired taste that you love from the pizzeria down the street with an extra dose of love. Although charcoal works well for this option, the pellet grills with mesquite give your dough and cheese that extra smoky zest that’s thoroughly addictive.
  • Quesadillas. The secret to a perfect quesadilla on the grill is to cook it on a small sheet of aluminum foil. Once you get the cheese melted, flash it across your grill plates to get those attractive marks on the tortilla.
  • Cucumbers. The high water content in cucumbers makes this vegetable surprisingly forgiving on the grill. You don’t need to cook them for long. Once they’re quite hot to the touch, dust them with feta, parmesan, and basil for a tasty treat.
  • Peaches. Most fruit products don’t survive the grill well, but a ripe peach is an excellent choice. Cut them in half, remove the pits, and sear on high heat. The grates create a crusty sear similar to a crème Brulee. Add a few pistachios for crunch, and then dig in with a spoon to enjoy!
  • Red Peppers. You can go a couple of directions with this vegetable. Hollow them out to stuff each one with rice, fresh horseradish, ground beef, and mayonnaise. You can also cut it into strips to add some zing to a salad. If you’re brave, break an egg into a pepper cut in half and cook it sunnyside up on your grates.
  • Watermelon. Grilled watermelon with some crème Fraiche is a stunning dish that turns summer into a culinary delight. Add a little mint and chili powder for some extra spiciness.

With the right tools, any food is potentially ready for the grill when you have the best models in your backyard.

What does it take to grill some of the more challenging items?

If you love chicken, consider grabbing a rotisserie if one is available for your grill. You’ll get the benefits of low-and-slow cooking with smoke while the skin gets extra crispy. All of the juicy flavors get locked into the bird for a moist bite every time.

Another option to consider is a griddle. With a flat surface, you won’t need to worry about losing items between the grates. This tool opens up more seafood options, some veggies, and even stir fry.

The final option to consider adding to your grill is a digital thermometer if you don’t get one. By having a device that connects to your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it is much easier to manage the other cooking tasks you’re balancing at this time.

If you don’t want a connected model, a simple display thermometer will give you the information you want about your meat.

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