Weber Q Series Review: Q1000 vs. Q1200 vs. Q2000 vs. Q2200

Having a small gas grill can be useful when you want to have a day at the beach, a backyard party, or a picnic somewhere remote. The Weber® Q series is one of the best options to meet these needs.

Barbecues from the Q-series are remarkably easy to manage. All of them feature a compact design that makes transporting the equipment comfortable and straightforward.

Each model consists of a base and a lid made from cast aluminum. A small trip tray is available at the bottom of each one, providing portable cooking power through the use of liquid propane. That means it can serve as the perfect camping stove since it can operate on portable fuel containers.

If you need a small grill that delivers a massive performance, the Weber Q-series is what you want to bring home.

What to Expect from the Q Series Comparison Guide

This comparison guide of the Weber grills from the Q series includes several comparisons and additional information to consider.

Each subheading is clearly indicated to direct you to the content needed.

Please feel free to read this guide of the Q1000 vs. Q1200, Q2000 vs. Q2200, and Q1200 vs. Q2200 in its entirety by bookmarking it for when you have the time for a complete review.

Models Available for the Weber Q Series

If you are interested in the Weber Q-series because you like the idea of a portable grill, four standard models are currently available in this compact series.

Weber also creates a backyard grill option in the Q-series called the Q3200. This model functions in the same way as the portable models, but it is not part of this comparison because it is designed for stationary grilling.

If you have a natural gas connection at home for grilling, then Weber Q3200 is your best choice. When your concern is portability, this Q-series review of the Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, and Q2200 can help you to select the best model to meet your needs.

Weber Q Series Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a grill is a significant life event. It might not rise to the level of a mortgage or a vehicle, but this product is going to be with you for some time.

Knowing what model to purchase from the Q-series from Weber can ensure that your enjoyment levels are always maximized. Stepping into a retail store or trying to order one online can feel like an overwhelming experience when your primary goal is to cook burgers, brats, and more with your family and friends.

Not all grills are created with equal passion. Having more features is not always an indication that you’re receiving a higher quality product. That’s why your purchasing choices cannot be taken lightly – especially in a post-pandemic world where you don’t always have the financial room to make an erroneous choice.

If you are looking at the Q Series, you’ve already chosen to go with propane over charcoal. These Weber models give you the option to go almost anywhere, grill your favorite foods, and clean up without hassle.

The portable grills from Weber are time and effort savers without pushing the price out of reach for most households. You get to save space with your cooking without sacrificing how much room you have for burgers and more.

Accessories to Consider with the Weber Q Series

The Weber Q-series of grills come with a series of optional accessories that can maximize the fun you can have with its portability. Although these items come separately and have additional costs, it may be a way to expand the levels of fun you can have.

One of the best items to consider is the portable cart made specifically for the Q1000 and Q2000 series gas grills. This option gives you the most flexibility possible with the overall design. You can take the equipment with you wherever you want while also using it as a backyard feature. Weber has a suggested MSRP of $90 for this item.

You can also purchase a griddle that works with the Q1000 series of grills. This product slides into the place where the grates would be, giving you a flat-top to use for even more foods. You could make pancakes, eggs over easy, hash browns, and more because you have a solid surface upon which to work.

The griddle provides a secondary benefit because you could use it to make food if the power goes out. All you need to have is a fuel source available for the grill to start using it. This optional accessory is priced just under $50.

A larger griddle option is available for the Q2000 series. The cost is about $7 more for this accessory if you purchase the larger portable grill.

Weber also offers a premium set of travel-sized tools that work with their portable grills. You can get a spatula and a set of tongs for about $25. You can also get a basket that works with most of the units in the Q-series from Weber to manage smaller items over the heat produced by the burner.

Weber Q1000 vs. Weber Q1200

Star 5.0

Reviews: 2,771

Price: $164.10


Star 4.9

Reviews: 4,146

Price: $189.05

The Weber Q-series provides two entry-level models for you to consider: the Q1000 and the Q1200.

If the price is your primary concern, the Q1000 provides a cheaper grilling experience. It retails for about $30 less than the Q1200 at most stores.

When you want more features with an entry-level grill, the Weber Q1200 is a superior solution with this comparison.

Information About the Weber Q1000

The Weber Q1000 provides 189 square inches of cooking space. It features a porcelain-enamel coated cast-iron grate that retails heat well when given a dose of propane. This design encourages temperature retention, ensuring an even cooking surface is available for all of your favorite foods.

The Q1000 has a stainless steel burner that provides a maximum output of 8500 BTU. It receives support from the cast aluminum lid and body to reduce the threat of corrosion if you keep the grill outside.

It comes fully assembled, giving you the chance to start grilling straight from the box. You must provide the liquid propane to begin cooking, and the fuel is sold separately. It works best with the disposable 14.1- or 16.4-ounce LP cylinders.

You need to preheat the burner on the high setting for 10-15 minutes to achieve an appropriate cooking surface. That means you are using more fuel than you may realize to have a grilling experience. If you plan to cook for several people, it may take two cylinders to get through all of your prep work.

The Weber Q1000 comes in one color option: titanium.

Information About the Weber Q1200

The Weber Q1200 is essentially the same grill as the Q1000. You can find three specific differences in its design that set it apart. It’s up to you to determine if these additional features are worth the extra cost.

1. The Weber Q1200 comes with two folding side tables. This feature enables you to have some prep space when no would be available at your location.

2. Unlike the Q1000 with its push-button ignition, the Weber Q1200 has an electric starter that makes the grill a lot more comfortable to begin using. That means you must have AAA batteries available to make this feature work. It is almost impossible to start the unit if your battery power runs out.

3. The lid design of the Q1200 is higher than what is found on the Q1000, enabling grillers to cook more food options because the change creates more interior space to use.

You can also choose from a variety of colors when the Weber Q1200 is your preference. It comes in six different shades: titanium, black, green, blue, red, and orange.

Weber Q2000 vs. Weber Q2200

Star 4.6

Reviews: 424

Price: $249.00


Star 4.8

Reviews: 1,751

Price: $269.99

The Q-series has two premium models that are competitively priced when compared to the entry-level options: the Q2000 and the Q2200.

Both models are only available in the titanium color, which is the same as the Weber Q1000. Upgrading to the Q2000 or Q2200 ensures that you have more grilling space to use without compromising the portability of this design.

The retail price of the Q2000 is approximately $40 more than the Q1200 and $70 over the Q1000. If you purchase the Weber Q2200, expect to pay $20 more than the Q2000.

Information about the Weber Q2000

The Weber Q2000 provides the upgraded features that you can find in the Q1200. Its primary benefit, when compared to the entry-level models, is that it offers a larger cooking area. You receive 280 square inches of room. That’s enough space to cook over a dozen hamburgers simultaneously!

Considering the classification of the Weber Q2000 as a portable grill, that amount of space is quite remarkable. You can cook chicken, brats, hot dogs, and all of your favorite foods with ease with its design.

You also gain access to a built-in thermometer that enables you to see the cooking temperature at the grill’s surface. If your food isn’t sizzling at the correct heat levels, you can adjust the settings and fuel appropriately to reach what you require.

The cast-iron grate is sturdy, supporting the 12,000 BTU performance. It still operates on a single-burner design, but you also receive the folding side tables incorporated into the Q1200. You are sacrificing the electric ignition with the Q2000.

Information About the Weber Q2200

All of the features that are available with the Weber Q2000 can be found on the Q2200 version. The primary difference between the two models is the presence of an electric ignition powered by AAA batteries.

You also have a difference in the grilling plate. It is easier to reach the burner underneath where the food cooks with the Q2200 because Weber has a split design similar to the traditional grill. That makes this option a lot easier to clean.

It also comes with a lid heat indicator so that you can see the temperature above the surface of the grilling plates. That means you have even more control over the cooking processes for your food.

All of the other facts about the Weber Q2200 are the same as the Q2000. You receive 280 square inches of grilling space, better cooking portability, and fold-out side tables

Weber Q1200 vs. Weber Q2200

Star 4.9

Reviews: 4,146

Price: $189.05


Star 4.8

Reviews: 1,747

Price: $269.99

When you want a Weber portable grill with the most features possible, you must choose either the Weber Q1200 or the Weber Q2200.

Both models provide more user-friendly features when compared to the Q1000 or Q2000, respectively.

You receive an electric ignition with the Q1200 or the Q2200. Both models provide more space for cooking, although you have about 100 square inches of additional room when you purchase from the 2000 series. That fact equates to about 48% more space for your portable grilling needs.

You also receive a higher heat output with the Q2200. Users receive 8500 BTU with the Q1200, while the larger model provides 12,000 BTU. Those ratings are based on the grill’s hourly output.

Advantages of Weber Q1200

  • More space for cooking
  • Electric ignition
  • 8500 BTU

Advantages of Weber Q2200

  • Electric ignition
  • Higher heat output
  • 100 square inches of additional room

When Should I Consider the Weber Q3200 Gas Grill?

Star 4.7

Reviews: 434

Price: $484.11

The Weber Q3200 is the perfect solution for individuals or families who don’t need portability. It gives you 393 square inches of primary cooking area to use, which is more than double that of the Q1000 and Q1200 models. You also have about 70 inches of non-primary space to use if some foods cook faster than others.

If you spend the extra money to upgrade to the Weber Q3200 for backyard use, you’ll receive the power of two stainless steel burners instead of only one. You also receive slightly larger side tables to use, a hanging rack for your critical utensils, and a small cart for storage.

That means you can use the larger propane tanks for grilling instead of the portable ones intended for camping.

Because the Weber Q3200 is a Stationary Grill, you must assemble it before use. It doesn’t offer the grab-and-go convenience of the portable models.

It also requires you to reach around the grill or walk to the back to shut off your propane source. This action is necessary because a front screen blocks access to the cart area. Although this design creates a visually appealing aesthetic, it forces users to keep their equipment away from exterior walls.

Benefits of Choosing a Weber Q Series Grill

When the birds start chirping out the first songs of spring, grillers know it is almost time to break out their equipment. The Weber Q-series is an excellent set of portable units to consider because you can use them throughout the year. As long as you have a quiet space outside, it can operate in virtually any weather conditions.

It is worth reviewing several additional if you’re thinking about buying the Weber Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, or Q2200.

Benefit #1: Easy Assembly

When you purchase one of the portable grills from Weber’s Q-series, you can access a unit that functions right out of the box. Once you remove all of the packaging materials, the only thing needed for a successful outcome is a portable propane canister.

Benefit #2: Low Maintenance

You don’t need to worry about charcoal ash turning into lye when using a Q-series grill from Weber. Once the unit cools down enough, most users can wipe it clean so that it is ready for the next grilling session. When you have stuck-on food particles, one of the best accessories you can purchase is a brush designed specifically for the porcelain-coated grates with this design.

Benefit #3: Social Gatherings

Even though the size of this grill may not be as large as others, it is big enough to manage many social gatherings. It has enough cooking space to be competitive with most entry-level charcoal grills at a similar price point. You won’t be spending extra time trying to prep the fuel or maintain appropriate temperature levels. All it takes is a quick turn of the dial to ensure that you get what you need.

Benefit #4: Grill at Any Time

If the power goes out at home for some reason, you can use your new Weber grill for cooking hot food. It can also serve as an outside source of heat on cold days when you want to enjoy your backyard – although that would be a costly benefit to use. It can help you to make s’mores, make a favorite sandwich, or produce grilled items quickly whenever you get the urge to make something.

Benefit #5: Portability

Although some users may find the Q-series grills to be a little heavy, you can take it with you almost anywhere. It’s an excellent choice for anyone with an RV or travel trailer that doesn’t come with a stovetop. Even if your destination is a parking lot to enjoy a game or a fireworks display, the design from Weber gives you one of the highest levels of flexibility available in the marketplace today.

Benefit #6: Propane Benefits

The grills in the Q-series from Weber are incredibly easy to start with their design. Even the push-button option on the Q1000 or Q2000 is suitable for almost every user. The electric starter makes this benefit even more convenient. Grillers get a steady temperature that won’t create unpredictable doneness levels for the food being prepared. You also get to avoid any potential chemical exposure from the use of lighter fluid.

Benefit #7: Flavor

Charcoal advocates often point out that food cooked on propane doesn’t have the same smoky flavors. Although this fact may be true if you compare the two cooking surfaces alone, grillers can add mesquite, cherry, or other wood products in tinfoil or other mediums to generate smoke within the grilling environment. A little ingenuity can help you to get the flavor benefits while taking advantage of the other benefits.

Benefit #8: Preheat Routine

Although it takes about 15 minutes for the propane grills from Weber to reach an appropriate grilling temperature, that time is still less than what users experience from a charcoal-based alternative. You can get to work right away, knowing that the cast-iron grates or the flat-top accessory are at the correct searing temp for your burgers, steaks, and other favorites.

Disadvantages of the Weber Q Series

The two most significant issues you’ll face with any of the Q-series grills from Weber involve the size of these unique models and its overall portability.

Some users may also encounter weight-related issues when attempting to carry any of the Weber Q-series grills.

Problem #1: Design Limitations for Portability

Unless you purchase the cart accessory from Weber or use a collapsible one from another provider, this design isn’t overly portable for the average family. It is light enough to carry almost anywhere, but it doesn’t really offer much for handles. You must grab the unit by the side tables to have any sort of support.

Since the Q1000 doesn’t come with the extended side tables, you must carry it by the frame. That means you must let the unit cool before moving it. Although the cast aluminum dissipates heat reasonably well, you must plan your schedule accordingly. You can’t just grill-and-go, which makes it a less favorable option for tailgating.

Is a Q-series grill from Weber better to use than a full-size model for your portable needs? Absolutely. There is no comparison.

The convenience benefits do have their limitations. It is essential to realize this issue to have a realistic perspective of the grill.

Problem #2: Size Problems

When you purchase a grill, it helps to remember that you need to think about food spacing for your family or friends. You could buy a hibachi for about $15, but it is not going to satisfy everyone’s meal requirements.You cannot crowd the foods on your grill if you want to have a successful experience. That means you should leave at least a half-inch between the items as they cook. 

The average burger is going to need a little over 20 square inches.That means you can cook about 6-7 of them on the Q1000 or Q1200 series models. It might be enough space for the family. It probably isn’t going to work for a tailgate party.

It also uses a single-burner design for the entire area. Although it works well once you get everything heated, the grill requires an extensive preheat cycle to meet your expectations.

You get about two hours of use on high from a portable 16.4-ounce propane canister. If you consider a 15-minute preheat and 20 minutes of cooking, you’ll get 3-4 sessions before needing to purchase more fuel for the unit.

Problem #3: Grill Weight

Weber uses cast-iron grates to make cooking convenient. It is a durable surface, especially with the porcelain coating it receives as part of the manufacturing process.

That also means all of the grills in the Q series are surprisingly heavy. If you purchase the Q1000, you must carry 27.5 pounds to your intended destination. That might not be an issue if you take it from the backyard to your vehicle. When you want to have grilling in the backcountry or on a camping trip, it isn’t as feasible to use.

The Q1200 weights a couple of pounds more because of the added side tables. When you go up to the Weber Q2000 or Q2200, you’re going to carry over 40 pounds. You may want to have someone take the grates while another handles the primary unit to counter this issue.

Is the Weber Q Series Your Best Grilling Option?

Before the invention of the Weber Q-series of grills, portable grilling meant taking all of your supplies to your destination. You would find people taking full-size propane models to tailgating parties in the back of their truck.

Going to a park for grilling meant using the free grates that were often covered in corrosion. You would need to thoroughly clean the equipment to ensure your food was safe to eat.

All of that changed with this series of grills from Weber. The first designs came in early 2004 through a collaboration between Bob Demars, who was the CEO of Original Ideas at the time, and Jim Stephen, who led Weber-Stephen Products. It took two years to create the perfect burner systems, cooking grates, and lightweight components.

The work was worth the effort. Knowing that you can grill safely wherever you are makes it possible for individuals and families to have a better time!

If you are thinking about a grill today, the Q-series from Weber is your best option for portability. Choose from the Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, or Q2200 based on your specific needs.

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