Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II Review: How to Choose the Best Weber Grill

George Stephen founded Weber grills in 1952 with the unique kettle design. He was an inventor, grill master, and father to 12 children. He loved the idea of gathering in the backyard with loved ones to eat something incredible almost as much as he adored his family.

When Stephen invented the kettle design, he knew the shape would support a convection-style cooking performance. The name of the company comes from his employer at the time of the grill’s invention, Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago.

Before the invention of the covered grill, backyard barbecues involved open-flame cooking. It was an innovative approach that became popular almost immediately.

It is in that tradition that Weber presents two models for consideration: the Spirit, and the Spirit II.

The Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II gas grill debate involves the space you have for cooking, the cart style you prefer, and the number of burners that come with the equipment.

An overview of the facts for each series and its models can help you to determine which Weber grill is going to serve your needs the best.

If the Content Is TL;DR, Here Is Your Spirit vs. Spirit II Summary

The Weber Spirit is the older of the new series. This gas grill came to the market in 2013, designed to be a space-saving model for more backyards.

The E-210 gas grill is one of the smallest options that qualify as a full-size unit today.

When you prefer a larger grilling area, the Weber E-310 gas grill offers more space. The Weber Spirit II provides an open cart design that the previous series does not include in its design. The grill has technology upgrades since it came out five years after the original models.

The grill is more lightweight, offers more color options, and comes with a more extended warranty. Weber currently has the Spirit E-210 retailing at $429, while the Spirit II E-210 has an MSRP of $349 for some colors.

Although the Spirit series came out first, the Weber Spirit E-310 retails at $529. The Weber Spirit II E-310 retails at $479.

Pricing is subject to change at any time, and some retailers may increase the cost of your preferred grill.

Facts About the Weber Spirit E-210 Grill

The Weber Spirit E-210 grill intends to be an entry-level, full-size model that almost anyone can use. Its compact size makes it suitable for apartment balconies, small patios, and similar spaces where this style of grilling would not typically be possible.

It offers a design that’s equally simplistic, yet practical so that your grilling work happens quickly and efficiently. Two stainless steel burners generate over 26,000 BTU to provide an excellent heating and temperature maintenance experience.

The heavy-duty grates on the Weber Spirit E-210 are made from a cast-iron design with a porcelain-enameled finish to ensure food cooks evenly. This design reduces the risk of corrosion and rust over the grill’s lifetime when it is cared for properly.

Flavorizer bars below the grates enable the drippings from your meat to add more flavor to each item. It can be particularly satisfying to grill vegetables after your main course because of this feature. This design takes oil and grease away from the burners to protect them while preventing flare-ups during the cooking process.

A built-in thermometer ensures that you have accurate readings while grilling so that your food doesn’t accidentally overcook.

The primary cooking area for the Weber Spirit E-210 grill is 360 square inches, but the included warming rack adds another 90 square inches of space to use. Putting the unit together for the first time is straightforward since a majority of the product comes pre-assembled. The only thing you need is a screwdriver and some time to get the work finished.

You will discover that the Spirit E-210 is a robust grill, reliable in its design, and comfortable to use whenever you want to make something outside. It is the perfect solution for individuals, small families, or spaces that wouldn’t accommodate a standard full-size frame.

Advantages of the Weber Spirit E-210 Grill

  • The design provides a compact space for grilling so that you can work in small areas.
  • Foldable side tables give you more room to work while reducing its storage footprint.
  • The unit is comfortable to operate, move around, set up, and maintain.
  • Grate heating is even and fast to support proper food preparation.
  • The grill sits on four wheels to make it easier to move around your patio, deck, balcony, or similar grilling area.
  • It comes with the control panel in the front for effortless control of the grill.
  • A battery-powered crossover ignition gives you automatic flames for the grill to use.

Disadvantages of the Weber Spirit E-210 Grill

  • It is not an ideal design for large families or backyard parties.
  • The design by Weber doesn’t allow you to ignite the burners individually.
  • It only comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • The ignition system requires two AA batteries. You get them with your purchase from most retailers, but it is an ongoing cost to consider.
  • This grill weighs almost 120 pounds when fully assembled, making it a bit challenging to move the unit when necessary.

Facts About the Weber Spirit II E-210 Grill

Weber equips the iGrill 3 feature with the Spirit II E-210. This feature is sold separately (adding to the cost of the grill), but it gives you a way to monitor the cooking process from your smartphone.

Instead of continually checking the meat thermometer while cooking, you can place it in your food at the beginning of the grilling process. That means you can stop uncovering the grill to monitor your items, improving the heat consistency in the unit.

You can choose from several different lid colors when opting for the Weber Spirit II E-210. It comes in black, red, mocha, ivory, and sapphire so that you can match the décor of your property.

Weber gives the Spirit II E-210 an open cart design so that it is more comfortable to access your fueling options. It also comes with a folding table design, but it only applies to the left side. Both are foldable if you were to choose the original Spirit series. Another difference is the number of wheels on the unit, with only two large ones incorporated instead of four smaller ones.

The actual system of cooking in the Weber Spirit II E-210 is similar to its predecessor. It produces 26,500 BTUs, uses two stainless steel burners, flavorizer bars, and a grease management system. The grates are porcelain-enameled cast-iron products, made to be thick and sturdy to provide even cooking. This approach helps the unit to maintain heat levels once you get everything to the correct temperature.

The one significant difference in the design is the location of the drip pan layout for the Weber Spirit II E-210. Its location is right below the cook box, placed in a catch tray that you can easily remove. It is in the storage area for the original model. You still receive 450 square inches of space to use for your food, with 90 square inches of that being a warming rack.

Advantages of the Weber Spirit II E-210 Grill

  • The Infinity ignition system gives you a reliable starting experience whenever you want to start grilling.
  • Although it is relatively heavy at 103 pounds, this model is still lighter than the original design when you have compact spaces to use.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty to protect your purchase, and the protection extends to the entire grill and its parts.
  • The liquid propane (LP) scale next to the fuel tank is easy to read so that you know where you stand during the grilling process.
  • It provides an open cabinet design that gives users comfortable access to the fuel tank and storage compartment.

Disadvantages of the Weber Spirit II E-210 Grill

  • The smaller size of the grill when compared to other Weber models doesn’t make it well-suited to large meals, family gatherings, or social events.
  • Only the left side table is foldable with this model, making it more of a challenge to store for some households.
  • It can be difficult to move this grill since it requires a wheelbarrow-style of pushing or pulling for relocation.
  • You have to pay more for access to some of the advanced features that come with this grill design.

Facts About the Weber Spirit E-310 Grill

The Weber Spirit E-310 grill provides a similar set of features and design structures when compared to the E-210 model. Two primary differences are immediately noticeable if you step up to this larger unit.

You gain an extra stainless steel burner if you upgrade to the E-310. The lid and side tables are constructed with the metal, along with the flavorizer bar, to give users a corrosion-resistant grilling experience. A porcelain coating works to protect the cast-iron grates where the magic happens with your food.

Still, users won’t need to provide this model with daily attention to ensure it continues to operate as expected.

You can transport the grill across the yard, patio, or deck with its four casters. Although the unit weighs quite a bit at 120 pounds, users experience a balanced and stable grilling experience once the product is ready for use.

Putting the Spirit E-310 grill together is a straightforward experience. Weber provides thorough instructions to follow, although most of the information is in a graphic format. It can take some time to decipher where you should install parts until you get familiar with the processes documented with the unit.

Each side table with the Weber Spirit E-310 comes with three hooks so that you can store your grilling accessories when not using them. The overall cooking surface for the grill offers 529 square inches to manage, which is plenty of room for about a dozen burgers at once. A warming rack is part of that figure, giving you 105 square inches for vegetables or sensitive items that need a slower cooking process.

Front-mounted control knobs for each burner enable almost everyone to start grilling with ease. It is rather simple to control the heat levels for each one so that you can customize the cooking experience with every use.

Advantages of the Weber Spirit E-310 Grill

  • You still receive dual folding tables with this design to create better storage solutions for a Weber grill.
  • The grates retain heat nicely with the added burner so that you can cook items quickly.
  • It comes with a practical grease management system that reduces the risk of flare-ups while grilling.
  • The added surface space provides enough room to ensure that large families and social gatherings can have the food output required to keep everyone satisfied.
  • This unit comes with a maximum BTU rating of 32,000.

Disadvantages of the Weber Spirit E-310 Grill

  • The weight of the grill can be enough to make it challenging for a single person to manage the product in some situations.
  • Although the instruction manual is thorough and complete, it may be difficult for some people to complete the assembly work in the expected time.
  • The triple-burner design can cause food to overcook quickly if you don’t pay enough attention to the unit.
  • Weber only gives the Spirit E-310 a 2-year warranty.
  • The retail price of this grill is $50 higher than the Weber Spirit II E-310.

Facts About the Weber Spirit II E-310 Grill

The Weber Spirit II E-310 often gets ranked as one of the best products in the under $500 category for gas grills. The improved reliability, performance, and quality with its useful features makes it a stand-out design that make it a practical addition to any backyard, patio, or deck.

You’ll notice in a direct comparison between the Spirit E-310 vs. the Spirit II E-310 that the latter option is slightly smaller. That means the product takes up a smaller footprint on your property, but it also creates a smaller functional area for cooking – although you still receive 424 square inches of primary space to use.

You also get independent heat settings so that you can create specific heat zones within the grill. The spacing is enough to provide consistent temperatures while you can create independent results with a variety of foods. You’re not forced to cook hot dogs at the same level as burgers, reducing the risk of making a mistake.

Although there is a slight downgrade in the power that you receive with this grill, the difference with the Spirit II is only 2,000 BTU – which is worth the savings you receive if you opt for this 2018 model instead of its 2013 counterpart.

The flavorizer system, cast-iron grates, and other standard features of the Weber Spirit series remain the same with this E-310 version. You can also add the iGrill 3 feature to it if you prefer.

Users receive the side tables as with the other Spirit and Spirit II models, but only the left side folds down with this design. You also must manage the wheelbarrow-style movement method as you would with the Spirit II E-210.

The benefit of this grill is that you don’t have a closed-cart design to manage. That makes it much easier to manage your fuel situation. It also gives you a place for your accessory storage and your other usual grilling products.

Advantages of the Weber Spirit II E-310 Grill

  • Weber provides the Spirit II E-310 with a 10-year warranty.
  • You receive a 30,000 BTU rating when cooking with this model, helping users to save fuel without sacrificing temperature needs.
  • This model comes with the Infinity ignition system, which is a superior method to use when compared to the crossover design from the earlier model.
  • You have access to the same color options for the lid as you would with the Spirit II E-210 design.
  • You’ll save at least $50 when choosing the Spirit II over the Spirit series if the E-310 is your preferred model.

Disadvantages of the Weber Spirit II E-310 Grill

  • Mounting the fuel tank to the outside of the cart may create a safety concern for some families. It also exposes this area to weather elements.
  • The maximum BTU rating is lower than what you’d receive with the Spirit E-310 model.
  • Only one of the side tables is foldable with this design, potentially limiting some storage space options.

Additional Weber Spirit Series Options to Consider

When you make the Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II comparison, the E-210 and E-310 models tend to be the most popular choices.

After comparing the facts of each model in this guide, you may feel that these four grills don’t meet the ultra-specific needs you have at home. That’s why Weber has a couple of models in the Spirit series that fall outside of the spectrum of services that the E-210 and E-310 give you today.

You might consider a closer look at these additional Weber grills during your shopping efforts.

Weber Spirit S-315 Gas Grill

This new addition to the Spirit series gives you a similar grilling experience when compared to the E-310 grills. It comes with an enclosed cabinet as part of the stand so that you have a partition between you and your fuel. It features stainless steel products throughout, although the grates are made from porcelain-enameled cast iron.

It offers 424 square inches of primary grilling space and 105 square inches for a warming rack. The triple-burner design distributes heat evenly, while the convenient side tables are the perfect solution for entertaining.

It sears your favorite meats and seafood in ways that your older gas grills cannot accomplish. You’ll find it is quite easy to clean, and the four-wheel design makes it relatively easy to move.

Weber Spirit E-330 Gas Grill

The Weber Spirit E-330 grill provides all of the benefits that you experience with the E-310 models with a twist. You have access to a side burner with this model, making it much easier to manage the task of creating a meal. It can hold nine New York strip steaks, over a dozen burgers, or plenty of corn-on-the-cob so that you can enjoy your favorite foods with perfect sear marks every time.

The grill provides even heat from the bottom up, ensuring that you receive tender food that tastes great. It takes some time to assemble the product, but the 32,000 BTUs and 529 square inches of cooking area make up for the initial work. It works on liquid propane, which means you need to get one of those 20-pound tanks from a local retailer.

The flavorizer and grates are porcelain-enameled, while the side tables are made from stainless steel. It also comes with a painted steel door.

Weber SP-335 Gas Grill

This grill is the luxury product of the Spirit series from Weber. It features a three-burner design to ensure that you have everything needed to make an entire meal in your backyard. A side burner allows you to simmer a sauce, while a sear station creates an intensive heat zone for the perfect steak.

It comes with 7mm steel rod cooking grates to impart the perfect sear marks every time. You receive 424 square inches of primary grilling area, much like the E-310 series. It comes rated at 32,000 BTU, with the sear station at 7,500 BTU and the side burner at 12,000 BTU. The included warming rack adds another 105 square inches of space to use – perfect for toasting hamburger buns.

This grill uses the older ignition system version, which means you need to have AA batteries available. It comes with a 10-year warranty on many components, 5 years for the flavorizer, cooking grates, and burner tubes, and two years for any remaining parts.

Benefits of Choosing a Weber Grill for Your Needs

The Weber Spirit and Spirit II series of grills give you the option to connect to propane or natural gas.

If you have a gas connection on your property, you can contact your utility for a permanent installation. That means you can avoid the ongoing work of switching LP tanks every time you run out of propane. It is one of the most practical methods of grilling that is available today, and it may reduce the cost of operations for some users.

You will find that the pricing structure for the Weber Spirit vs. Spirit II grills is comparable to other manufacturers in the marketplace today. Even if the cost is a little higher, most users find that the almost 70 years of production experience creates a long-term advantage that entry-level suppliers or unknown brands cannot offer.

Weber allows you to register your grill online to take advantage of your qualifying warranty. You can sign up for a periodical newsletter that offers ongoing tips and tricks to maximize the use of your new Spirit grill.

You may also find these additional benefits add value to the purchase of a Weber Spirit or a Weber Spirit II grill today.

1. Weber offers a history of continuous innovation.

Weber continues to update and change their products to take advantage of modern technology and new inventions. An excellent example of this approach to manufacturing is the changes made between the Spirit and Spirit II series of grills.

2. These grills provide versatility and reliability.

The Weber Spirit series of grills has been one of the top choices for consumers since its introduction nearly a decade ago. When the brand made updates to create the Spirit II line of grills, the new versions introduced grilling to even more people.

You can find a grill that caters to your family size, social activities, and safety needs so that your food always comes out the way that you want.

3. You can add several features to your new Weber grill.

Weber products are compatible with a variety of features. You can add a rotisserie to some models, grill pans to create a stovetop-like experience, smokers, and more. The Spirit and Spirit II series uses flavorizer bars to impart smoky flavors that replicate the charcoal experience without the risk of consuming particulates with your food. You can also purchase specific accessories, such as a grill brush, spatula, and similar items from the brand so that you can enjoy the most compatibility possible.

4. Customer service representatives are readily available.

Should you have an issue with your Weber grill, contact customer service by dialing 1 (800) 446-1071 to discuss your problem. You can also contact the company through their Submit a Request online function available here.

The online version gives you two option: to submit a general question or start a warranty claim. You can also search a helpful FAQ section to see if an answer is already available for your issue.

What Weber Grill Is the Best Solution for Your Needs?

This Spirit vs. Spirit II grill review only covers these two series produced by Weber. You can find several additional products and designs to consider from this long-respected manufacturer that may provide specific advantages not mentioned here.

If you are thinking about purchasing a new Weber grill today, the E-210 and E-310 models provide the versatility and functionality required to produce excellent food every time. You can grill almost anywhere because of the compact size and overall efficiency of each unit.

You can multitask on the E-310 grills due to the variable heat zones. If you step up to an alternative model in the Spirit series, you can sear steaks or use a side burner to add complexity to your meal.

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