What Are the Best Portable Smokers to Use?

One of the best ways to make food is to give your ingredients a low and slow smoke. With minimal heat and plenty of flavors, you can create something extraordinary from ordinary cuts or your favorite vegetables.

The only problem with smoking food is that the equipment isn’t very portable. If you want to enjoy this process while camping, taking a road trip, or having a family day at the park, you’ll need equipment that is easy to store, pack, assemble, and clean.

A portable smoker delivers those results. They include the same features as their full-sized counterparts, but they’re built for being taken on the road.

Here is a closer look at the best portable smokers for you to use when you’re ready to take your skills on the road.

Weber Smoky Mountain Charcoal Cooker

This wonderful smoker delivers two 14-inch grates that handle a surprisingly large amount of food for a portable unit. It comes with three dampers to control airflow while offering a built-in thermometer to make it easy to check on things.

Instead of lifting the lid to your Weber smoker, there’s a front door to use for adding charcoal, running meat probes, or checking on things.

This model delivers an excellent balance of versatility, quality, and pricing. It’s simple to use, features the familiar Weber design, and can double as a standard grill. Three different sizes are available, with each one offering the same features.

Pit Barrel Cooker Junior

Although this smoker is small and compact, it uses a meat-hanging system that lets you produce more food than you’d expect. It is only 33 inches high, which makes it convenient for packing, and it only weighs 33 pounds. If you need something to take into the backcountry or on an extended camping trip, you’ll appreciate the versatility of this design.

A grill grate is available for smoking other ingredients. You have a charcoal basket that generates heat while keeping the coals organized, and there’s only one air vent to manage. You can fit up to six racks inside the drum.

The only downside is that if you happen to misplace the lid, you’ll have to find it again before you can use this portable smoker.

Big Chief Electric Smoker

When you want to try incorporating cold smoke into your foods, an electric smoker is the best tool to have available. Most units are massive to accommodate multiple roasts, shoulders, and ribs, but that means they’re not portable.

This unit reaches a top temperature of about 160°F. It uses 450W, which is relatively efficient for what it provides, although you’ll need to check your portable power source for compatibility.

You can smoke about 50 pounds of meat in a single session when using this product. It weighs just 18 pounds, making it easy to take with you almost anywhere. Just turn it on, and the smoke starts operating at a consistent temperature.

Kamado Joe Junior

If you like the added heat and moisture that a ceramic grill offers, this choice is the best portable option you can find today. However, it has less cooking space than other designs.

The grate design and flexible cooking system deliver more options for grilling and smoking. You can tackle everything from pizza to desserts when using this product on the road!

The grill gets hot enough to create a beautiful sear without overcooking your fragile vegetables. It comes with a five-year warranty on the ceramics and metal parts, along with three years for its heat absorption qualities.

It does weigh 75 pounds, so moving it to a different location could be challenging. The ceramic construction also creates a certain fragileness that you won’t find with other designs.

Traeger Ranger

If you love the benefits of pellet grills, this portable design lets you take the smoke to wherever you are. It’s small, easy to transport, and folds up like a toolbox to make it easy to carry.

Using this grill is super simple. Once you give it the fuel it needs, all you need to do is set the desired temperature. Everything else is taken care of for you. In return, you get the flavorful smoke that adds a new element to your grilling.

The Traeger Ranger does require an electrical outlet. You won’t want to use your 12V outlet from a vehicle, although a portable multipurpose power station delivers enough energy to get some cooking done.

Green Mountain Grills Pellet Smoke

Although you’ll need to use the 12V outlet in your vehicle to use this grill, you’ll have a wonderful smoker that can deliver long-term results. It also works from an inverter or a small generator.

You receive all the benefits of a full smoker on the road with this unit. Although you’ll need to keep an eye on your temperature profile, the versatility of this design helps it stand out from the rest.

It weighs 57 pounds and requires some assembly or disassembly, but the time commitment is minimal. You also get a meat temperature problem to monitor your food.

This design is one of the few that you can set and forget. If you have it hooked to your vehicle, don’t forget to start the engine to prevent the battery from draining.

Masterbuilt MPS 20B Portable Smoker

Weighing just 22 pounds and measuring about two feet tall, you’ll receive a 50k BTU burner to use for smoking with this design. It requires a 10-gallon propane tank to function, which means you’ll need to take the fuel with you or find it at your destination.

There’s enough room in this portable smoker to handle a full-sized turkey. It uses a push-button starter to make ignition simple. Foldable legs and side handles offer stability and portability, while the smoker box lets you find the right combination for your food.

You’ll also get 273 square inches of cooking surface with this grill. That makes it one of the bigger options in this category. Just keep an eye on your propane levels to ensure you don’t run out.

Smokin’ It Model No. 1

When you know that a high-quality power source is available where you’re going, it might be worth investing in this portable smoker. It requires 800W, but it delivers a restaurant-quality result with surprising speed.

This smoker is also the heaviest one on this list, weighing 114 pounds. It’s mounted on casters to make it easier to move on flat surfaces. You can also take advantage of the folding handles to carry the equipment with a friend. You receive 468 square inches of cooking space, even though the size is relatively small.

The best portable smokers provide a way to make your favorite foods wherever you choose to go. When you select one of the items from this list, you’ll have a fun time wherever you are without compromising the quality of each meal.

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